Vanuatu Police no longer able to ask for Australian help following expulsion of AFP

The expulsion of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has meant that the Vanuatu Police Force is no longer eligible for Australian assistance. The agreement covering all such aid is administered through the agency of the AFP. Australia has no intention of permanently withdrawing this aid, the early Radio News made clear this morning, but Vanuatu will need to clarify its position with the AFP.

Moses Kilton, one of the remaining prison escapees, apparently died yesterday morning and his body is at the Central Hospital. Radio News first carried the story this morning. Last night it was doing the nakamal rounds and had Kilton allegedly shot. In Daily Post it was riveting reading. The prisoner held a .22 rifle at Klehm’s Hill, early yesterday morning. There were conflicting accounts of the number of rounds of ammunition he held. There was the matter of a house burned down in February. There was a pair of red flipflops for his girlfriend, photographed. And very reliable sources have suggested “this is the first time law enforcement officers have had to make the decision to shoot in self defence.” There will be more to this story i.d.c.

Bergmans Iati has been suspended. He is the lycée teacher who has been holding teaching professional meetings and raising education issues in the media. He was suspended by the ministry. This is said to be for organizing illegal assemblies and meetings. He is seeking legal advice, and continuing to chair meetings with teachers.

The Council of Ministers (CoM) has approved the plan of Internal Affairs Minister Wells to amalgamate Immigration, Labour, Passport and Citizenship services. The minister says it will “improve the border control capacity of the country” along with revenue collection.

The German government is asking Vanuatu’s support for what it calls the Green Climate Fund for an upcoming Berlin meeting. The concept will lead to a pledge of the developing countries to assist in mitigating climate change and it will be done through capacity building in those supporting countries.

The fencing of the wooded but otherwise vacant space alongside VANGO at Nambatu need not trouble anyone into thinking something horrible is about to be built. The municipality has the funds and is developing it as a public park.