Labour Commissioner calls for investigation into seasonal worker scam

There was no 6 am bulletin on FM or MW this morning, these stations and possibly all VBTC stations starting late. The national radio gave no reason.

Last evening’s bulletins, however, began with Labour Commissioner Lionel Kaluat calling for a police investigation of what he labelled a scam of the Vete Cooperative, personnel of which have been trying to arrange work in Australia and asking the general public for money. Kaluat pointed out the existence of a Vt 100,000 fine for such an offence. Daily Post also carries the story today.

The mid-evening radio bulletin made much of another huge meeting which could bring 300 delegates to Vanuatu, the Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue. The emerging leaders would be here for the closing of the 2014 conference. Commonwealth Study Conferences Australia Inc organizes this event which brings together the region’s leading young intellectuals. Rather too much time was given to touting the fact that Princess Anne might attend, one who is not young, nor a known intellectual, nor of the Pacific.

Daily Post‘s most important story is that the Tripartite Labour Advisory Council (TLAC) is seeking written submissions on the ministerial proposal to increase the minimum wage from Vt 26,000 to Vt 32,000. The closing date for submissions is 23 July. You should write to the TLAC at PMB 9022. On the one hand, it cannot be easy living on the minimum wage if there is just one such wage earner in a family. On the other, the concept seems to be an election ploy. No thought has been given to planning the move and helping employers with time to find the additional cash needed. Why did Govt not address this earlier?

A Pacific area electrical engineers’ workshop is being held at Le Lagon along with the annual Pacific Power Association Conference. The Unelco managing director sees the events as important at a time when energy efficiency is of the utmost importance for sustainability.

There are also interesting views expressed on the death of the prison escapee Moses Kilton in today’s Daily Post. And Tuna Fishing Company’s Christophe Emelee announces he will contest in Torba. “The Vanuatu National Party that was founded by businessman Dinh Van Than now belongs to Mr Emelee.”

Daily Post this morning began with what sounds like another opening salvo in a Roy Mickey Joy election campaign: “Since the Vanuatu Kava Conference which was held in Vanuatu from 12 to 15 March, the Vanuatu Embassy in Brussels through the leadership of Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy has been at the forefront in shining the spotlight on the contentious kava trade-related issues in various international fora supported by the other Pacific Missions of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.” [Pheww. Well, Vanuatu has learned that to get kava acceptability in Europe it must write to the Germans. Let’s hope that has been done.]