Court orders name change for breakaway political party

Daily Post begins with the attention grabbing headline of Charlot Salwai’s group ordered not to use UMP or UMPC as their party. The case was brought by UMP against four MPs, two of whom are ministers of Government — Charlot Salwai and Steven Kalsakau (who is also facing fraud charges). The other two are Raphael Worwor and Emiliano Buletari. Justice Spear handed down the judgement Friday afternoon.

Signing of the Vt 232 million contract for the National Archives has taken place, said Daily Post. National archivist Mrs Anne Naupa reminded those present at the signing that the provision of the archives building is a gift from Australia to mark Vanuatu’s three decades of Independence.

The Police have applied to the courts for a search warrant for the 4-masted sailing vessel in port, Phocea. Radio Vanuatu News said the vessel was not properly complying with the law. Persons on board are allegedly holding red Vanuatu passports. Two people have been arrested. The vessel is registered in one name and traveling under another. The ship also permitted people on board before a Customs inspection when the vessel arrived on Saturday a week ago.

The VNPF continues to deny allegations against it. The livestock officer who carried out the study on Bouffa plantation was an officer of the Agriculture Department and not the partner of the Fund’s general manager, today’s Radio News quotes a press release saying. However, the original allegation also said the Fund had never paid the ministry for the service. The plantation was acquired for a housing project, but seems to be being used for primary production which might well be the subject of further allegations.

The PM has called on “technical people” to draft a ‘national service policy” for Vanuatu. He called on everyone, working in government or the private sector, or as donor partners, to become involved in the policy formulation. His appeal was made at the launching of the country’s first trade policy framework last Friday. The service sector wins Vt 2 billion a year, or 50% of the government income on goods, he observed on Radio News.

The Vanuatu appointment to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is a woman but the appointment could not be announced until today, VBTC said. This will be the deputy permanent representative at the IMO.

The government says it is subsidising the price of copra by Vt 8,000 a ton, the world price having fallen. The landed Port Vila and Luganville price is now Vt 38,000.