[Talemaot! archive] Kilman invests in Solar Lighting on Malekula!

 Archive of a post that originally appeared on the now deleted blog http://talemaot.wordpress.com on 14 July, 2012. Click here to see a screengrab of the original post.

Kilman invests in Solar Lighting on Malekula!

No doubt, voters in Malekula will be delighted with Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s investment in solar lighting! The Prime Minister in his tour of Malekula earlier this year carried out a mass distribution of solar lights that will be of great benefit to his people.

Sheng Di Group Present Sato Kilman of Future

The solar lights were specially designed and produced by Sheng Di Group, a Chinese company. Each light carries the company logo and boasts a printed message presenting Prime Minister Sato Kilman as a man of the future – see attached photos [Photos have now been deleted – Ed.]. Indeed, with such a ‘visionary’ leader what more could a voter want?

Wishing Malekula voters good deliberations in the 2012 General Elections.