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Monkey Business at VNPF [Vanuatu National Provident Fund]

Talemaot has received worrying reliable information about Questionable Management Practices at the Vanuatu National Provident Fund.

Management Remuneration:

The current General Manager and Human Resource Director are being paid at levels never before seen at VNPF. The current salary levels plus benefits for the two positions are now over 700,000vatu / month and over 500,000vatu / month respectively.

It is questionable whether these remuneration levels were approved by the VNPF Board.

Investment Decisions:

The VNPF Management has recently made questionable ‘investment’ decisions resulting in the institution now conducting business activities that are beyond its legal mandate.

  1. The first ‘investment’ involves running an animal farm out of land purchased at Bouffa, Efate. The land had originally been purchased by VNPF for a housing scheme for members but converted to a farm after the new General Manager’s appointment. Apparently, the General Manager’s spouse (a senior officer of the Quarantine Department) prepared the farm project proposal – whether this was done freely or on a consultancy basis paid for by VNPF is unknown.
  2.  The second ‘investment’ involves co-financing the Nasama Resort at Pango, Efate. Management decided to finance the establishment of the resort using a construction company owned by a certain (late) former Board Member and Chair of the VNPF Investment Committee. Incidentally, workers in the construction company were not registered with VNPF so when a fatal accident (gas explosion) occurred, the two local workers who tragically lost their lives had no VNPF savings for surviving relatives.

The above two ‘investments’ mean that on top of managing members’ savings, the VNPF effectively runs a farm and is a business partner in a tourist resort. Such commercial activities are outside of VNPF’s core business and legal mandate.

Again it is questionable whether the ‘investments’ were made with proper approval from the VNPF Board.

Staff Recruitment and Political Interests:

Under the new General Manager, the VNPF has now become a safety net for ex-Telecom Vanuatu Ltd staff and her close associates. (The current General Manager was formerly Chief Accountant at Telecom Vanuatu Limited.)

  1. The number of ex-TVL staff recruited at VNPF has grown steadily since the GM’s appointment and range from the current Human Resource Director to the ex-TVL handyman who transferred to VNPF on a monthly salary of 100,000vatu+ per month. (Bizarrely, VNPF continues to hire casual labourers to carry out jobs that should be the handyman’s responsibility.)
  2. The Human Resource Director (who is also a Finance Official of Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s Peoples Progressive Party) failed in her attempt to introduce a new HR condition to allow staff to contest political elections and return to VNPF if they are unsuccessful. (Perhaps she has grand plans to contest the upcoming General Elections.) Her attempt failed because the VNPF Staff Manual clearly states that any VNPF staff wanting to contest political elections must first resign from the institution. Considering the historical detrimental effects of political interference at VNPF, it makes sense that the Staff Manual condition continues to apply.
  3. The sister of Prime Minister Sato Kilman, President of People’s Progressive Party was recently employed at the VNPF, reportedly after the recruitment assessment process was doctored at the instruction of the Human Resource Director to give her higher points than another higher scoring applicant.

Questions remain about whether the VNPF Board is aware of these issues.

VNPF vehicles

Senior management at VNPF have ordered the removal of the VNPF name from the number plates of office vehicles used by management. Presumably, this is so that the public will be unable to identify the vehicles outside of working hours or during times of personal use.

Again, it is questionable whether the VNPF Board is aware of this.



Is the VNPF Board aware of the above issues? Will they hold Management accountable to its members as they are supposed to?

VNPF Financial Members are encouraged to demand answers from the powers that be at VNPF. After all, the funds held and managed by VNPF belong to you!


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23 Comments on “Monkey Business at VNPF [Vanuatu National Provident Fund]”


July 18, 2012

As Vanuatu born citizen, I am sad to see that I these hard financial times the GM & HR manager at VNPF are filling their belly with the hard working Vanuatu citizens money! What a shame for the VNPF and I would like every VNPF members to go and withdrawal their money from these money scam organization VNPF!!!


susie K

July 19, 2012

Hardyboi is right the VNPF institution is nothing but a scam! They set laws that force struggling Vanuatu citizen to contribute and what happens? They take our money and used it up on a stupid resort “Nasama Resort”. I call for every VNPF member that since its your money that is used to build Nasama Resort, you all own a share in that resort and whenever you have no home or food to eat from just visit Nasama Resort for free housing and free breakfast, lunch and dinner.:)

In the 90s there was a riot because of misuse of VNPF funds and now seems the past has repeated itself where misuse of funds in now on open grounds. I wanna thank TalemAot for opening up the curtain so the we can see these big fat vampires who is sucking the blood of its victims dry!!! a message for the VNPF GM & HR : Its easy for you ( GM) to force and take our money for your own personal gain BUT when we poor citizen need money for buying a house, land etc….. you make its so complicated with your little paper work that takes days for approval!”Should be a shame of yourself and when I see you around Vila, I will no longer greet you with a smile BUT a spit to the face!!



July 19, 2012

If this is really happening then, we the financial members must act with immediate effect to restore the good governance. Can someone please do something before someone will regret.


bob marae

July 19, 2012

It’s better to close that VNPF and give back VNPF members money,rather than talking about others. And each Organization should create their own funds rather than grouping every peopel together for only few to be penefit while others still strugcal.



July 19, 2012

Sad, sad day, current management team is a heap of selfish oriented people. Anniva has a private lending scheme which is still operating stealthily and the HR person runs a private school – both are money hungers and will do anything to benefit themselves and their cohorts.

They remove all the benefits of the lower staffs and resturcture the organization salary to cut costs but increase theirs – what a contrast. It is also learned that since Anniva took control of the Managenment head, the Fund had overspent and is putting its hand into the reservew. This is suicidal for VNPF Members fund. sooner or later the members must raise up and physically handle the situation if the government of the day does not do anything drastic to redress and weed the bad apples out of the yard. Quick auditing action must take place immediatey and the removal of the Management Team ASAP, if it needs to. You talk to any VNPF staff on the street and they complained like “hell”.



July 19, 2012

Hi Marae,

That is good but the principal purpose of VNPF is strictly complied with will make a very big return on individual member’s funds. Sadly this is not happening out there at this time since Anniva and her team [Ex-TVL cohorts] took over


Robz Paul

July 19, 2012

I support Hardyboi & Susie K. Yumi ol kras ruts, taem yumi go blong askem wan financial assitance thru long contribution blong yumi, i nidim fulap pepa wok mo i tekem olmost a month to be approved mo sam oli no even apruvum kasem tede. Be, Nasama Resort hemi kam wea mo pleiem wanem role insaed long VNPF blong VNPF i financem hem blong kam wan resort. VNPF i sud karem feedback long yumi ol members blong hem festaem bifo i save rilisim mane blong yumi. Kas yufala i no stap paspasem mane blong mifal olbaot without our concern. All along, mifala i ting se funds blong mifala i sef gud. Ol pipol plis yumi mas stat blong tingting twice wetem mane blong yumi nao. Gud idea blong go withdraw long efri mane mo go putum sam nara ples we yumi ting se i moa sef than long VNPF.


Rara Soro

July 19, 2012

What a shame for us who were once Managers at the fund who struggled so tirelessly without sleep to bring back the Fund from the death after the 1998 riots and earned maximum 160,000 vatu a month while these monkeys came in from no where and enjoying the results of our hard work in getting 500,000 plus doing nothing in the office which was well established back in the former managements.

Please VNPF management wake up and see who you are really benefiting. Is it the members or your own hungry big bellies… SHAME ON YOU.



July 19, 2012

Let them do their work…who criticise you for wasting your time writing negative blogs??



July 19, 2012

Thank you for your comment Nicko.

Talemaot believes questionable decisions have been taken at VNPF that require straight answers from the Board and Management. So far we (and all financial members) are still waiting.

If you could assist with explanations then this would be appreciated.

  • goshter

    July 19, 2012

    World wide web ,,,,,,your complete solution!!!..:-)

  • AD

    July 19, 2012

    Why has VNPF not been forward loking in investing into (future looking) as in telecomunication!… It is the revelation of the new Century…as supposed to land purchases? Word has it that former TVL employees have set up and currently putting in a purchasing system for VNPF.

  • Kriss

    July 19, 2012

    GOSH…what a suprise….please this is not on…we had been sailing through after the last riot…building up steadily and here comes a bad news again…a handy man to get 100,000 VT plus per month is not believable….


    July 19, 2012

    Let me tell you the real story about the VNPF Bouffa Range. The Range was purchase initially for members to purchase land with house already built and finance by the richest fund the VNPF. Members depending on their contribution record could purcase land with 1 bedroom, land with two bedroom and land with 3 bedroom house. The world Bank in 2010 shown interest to fund the project but VNPF said that their do not need the Wold Bank help because they have enough finance to make the project become reality. WIth the new management, headed by the wife of the Director of Quarantine (a cattle farmer) she decided to change the purposes of the whole project and change it into a cattle farm. At the moment VNPF is buying cattle from the directors farm fatten it at the bouffa farm before selling it to the buthery in Port Vila.

  • RaggaEmpress

    July 19, 2012


  • justzy

    July 19, 2012

    Do they used members contribution for VNPF operations cost/wages etc….I’m abit confuse…I thought investment interests covers all these.so in reality, my money is not lost, it is invested and am expecting a small inreturn…It is fine by me..

    • SINGS

      July 19, 2012

      Yes Justzy, and about 2 or 3 percent of the total collection of members’ fund is used for operation including the salary to its staffs. Now with this reckless management team, we were informed that the capital cost of operation is more than that given the fact that they paid themselves more than they produced as employees of VNPF. It is not them that actually do the work. It is the staffs that do all the work and those new intake on the Management eats the fat salaries while these poor workers get the mega salary. Something nasty is growing in that fine institution. It has to be STOPPED!!!!!!!!

  • Jonas-Santo

    July 19, 2012

    La Caisse Nationale de Prevoyance a toute sa place dans une nation…La, n’est pas la question!Le gourvernement a fait un effort et a mis a la disposition de ses citoyens une societe (CNPV=VNPF) qui a pour fonction de gerer les epargnes et assurer la retraite des citoyens + ceux qui le souhaitent. C’est cependant degoutant et deseperant de voir que d’autres indigenes se permettent d’abuser de leur position hierarchique pour ecraser les pauvres fermiers qui (ca existe desormais) ne percoivent pas de salaire mensuel et pourtant, essayent de mettre de cote quelque pesos pour guarantir une vie correcte de retraite. SVP mesdames et/ou Messieurs, demissionnez!

  • Gel ples

    July 19, 2012

    Members how do we get our money out………serious mi no save lettem educated foooooooool i usum money blong me…..don’t care if I have only 1,000VT in there em i still moeny blong me

  • vtj

    July 19, 2012

    what a slap on da face.ating umi mas tekem action pple of vanuatu

  • Panjo

    July 19, 2012

    Good afternoon, i more kut blo tekem bak mani then ko putum lo bank, tumas bloody mangi business…thankiu tumas blo alaoem mi blo putum comment blo mi. Blo endem comment ia, our God is not a sleeping God, you can’t HIDE anything.

  • Kalros Simeon

    July 19, 2012

    Members, I think the time is right to act as quickly as possible, at the wise our retire investment will be blown out by those self interest VNPF managers

  • Pauline George, Woman Efate

    July 19, 2012

    Agree with Susie K….current General Manager and HR Director, Yutufala ie ting se yutufala ie hu blo sta harem gud lo money blo ol gras rut? Shame on yous!!!




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