Phocea owner’s claim to be Vanuatu Consul “unconfirmed”

The owner of Phocea has apparently only been nominated for the post of Vanuatu Honorary Consul to Vietnam. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Daily Post that the nomination is yet to be confirmed through “appropriate diplomatic channels”. One would now hope the nomination will be killed off instantly and any people in Foreign Affairs, VIPA and VFSC who have aided and abetted this shameful relationship for Vanuatu taken into police custody. Vanuatu farm lease holders getting around with ships charged with false papers, illegal passports, dirty money and caches of arms and ammunition should be permanently prevented from bringing our country into disrepute.

Daily Post leads with the next installment of the Phocea farce today, as in the preceding paragraph. What the footballer reported yesterday from Singapore has to be a further bundle of lies engineered by the self-styled diplomat taking Vanuatu for a ride. How clever to have had a “diplomatic bag” red sticker on hand at the Singapore Thai Embassy for a photo shot. Saken must surely be expecting a huge rake-off from government, like the winner of the Abkhazia deal so recently. And at that rate, false registration on defunct VMA documents and the purchase of a few farms on Efate and Santo is nothing. Anyway, there’s dirty money to cover it all, isn’t there?

And, worst of all, citizen Mr (no longer Dr, that was only for Singapore) Anh Quan Saken has been endorsed by the Council of Ministers. Kilman will have to move swiftly if he’s to retain any credibility in his fight against corruption, in this matter and in his government, which has a minister on fraud charges and another on assault allegations. The public is aware of illegal land sales and the government is seeking to bring Asians here for permanent residence in labouring positions, in contravention of the Constitution. There is no time for the matters described in the last two paragraphs to be left to the courts, as if they were simple issues of minor theft.

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Daily Post also gives us the new electricity deal as announced by Minister Kalsakau, not Unelco. This assures the public Unelco will pay 90% of their electricity bills. Unelco might think differently.

Both Daily Post and Radio News report that the Salwai group of UMP is appealing the court decision against their using the name UMPC because it is what they call themselves in their constitution. The upholders of UMPC felt the Supreme Court had not considered their claim sufficiently.

Then we have a new kind of farm reported in Daily Post, but no journalist putting their name to the story. Suddenly the government is supporting producing tobacco. The company is Saber Leaf Tobacco Ltd and producing what is normally best done in the latitudes of Victoria, Australia. And Radio News speaks of a splendid new regional laboratory coming our way.

The former CEO of NISCOL, Kalfau Moli, says the offer of 10% of the shares of NISCOL to the Municipality of Luganville as announced by the Minister for Internal Affairs does not follow the articles of association of the company. However, the minister assures the public the change has been correctly made and he uses the opportunity to speak out against the former CEO with an eye to the company’s bankruptcy.

Enough for this morning.