Breaking news: Police Transnational Crime Unit head suspended for investigating Phocea

Vanuatu crime unit boss suspended amid Phocea mystery, says Radio New Zealand International. The RNZI website reports on the suspension of the head of the transnational crime unit, Andrew Kalman, suspended last Friday by the Minister for Internal Affairs, George Wells. Kalman was in charge of the Phocea yacht investigation at the time of his suspension. Read the full story on RNZI’s website.

Robert Agius convicted of massive tax fraud, report several Australian newspapers. A jury sat for almost five months hearing the case in the New South Wales Supreme Court in Sydney. The accountant from PKF Vanuatu (which is now known as iCount) will be sentenced on August 8. More coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald and at


2 Comments on “Breaking news: Police Transnational Crime Unit head suspended for investigating Phocea”

  1. Linda Kenni says:

    Why is it that the names of the two Ministers who were on board the Phocea were withheld? We talk about all these free media but is this free media,really? We must put the names of those citizens,including Ministers if they are in the wrong! Anyway this Minister George Wells,why is he protecting the culprits? Is he legislating already indirectly that it is only proper that Ministers found in misconduct be excused?but ordinary Ni-vans,when faced in same situations we do not see these Ministers coming out to fight for them! All kaen man olsem ia nao yumi no must vote long olgeta,oli stap spoilem mo putum shame long constitution blo Vanuatu nomo.


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