Suspended head of Transnational Crime Unit says he intends to sue Govt for defamation

The most interesting thing in this morning’s Daily Post was the forced leave of the head of the Transnational Crime Unit, Andrew Kalman, already reported. Kalman is suing for defamation, according to Radio Vanuatu News. Thompson Pakoa, however, reminds us in timely fashion, in Daily Post Letters, that the Minister has no powers in disciplinary matters. Of course. All such powers rest with the Commissioner and the Police Service Commission. Ministers in Vanuatu do not, however, always act according to the law as we have seen with other aspects of the Phocea fantasy. This is deplorable. Nor do they always act the way the public would expect.

Prime Minister Sato Kilman has taken off for the Olympic Games in London.

Parliament will sit on 22 August until the end of its term on 2 September. And we are stuck with the present Government as caretaker through September and October. Are there not motions already doing the rounds?

VIPA records the fourth consecutive drop in new investment projects is the Daily Post‘s leading headline. Smith Tebu, CEO of VIPA, admits the matter is a serious one. They are introducing changes. “Previously,” he says, “any Tom, Dick or Harry can drop an application. But in 2009 we introduced new internal control mechanisms and a new checklist on screening applications.” He admits “this can contribute to the drop.” He should also mention the Global Financial Crisis. And offers no opinion that advertising for any Wei, Wen or Li on TV in Hong Kong to come to Vanuatu to retire is a suitable remedy for the widening investment shortfall.

At last we know what’s happening at Vila Central Hospital. Japanese aid is providing us with a completely new one, says Daily Post. But it’s a shame that JICA‘s well known concern for the environment has not required the retention of the big nambanga which provided much shade for waiting mothers and babies.


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  1. Jai says:

    Wonder if there’s any tree huggers around Vila and will thy protest over the tree since its been around for so long it’d be a shame to see it go.