Fisheries Dept and VMF Maritime wing refute Sea Shepherd’s claims of illegal fishing

Daily Post today has particularly interesting comment from Fisheries and the Maritime Wing refuting the claims of the Sea Shepherd Connservation Society (the MV Brigitte Bardot). Fisheries Director Moses Amos and Commander John Taleo point out that many of the vessels that the international NGO complains of have agreements to fish from Vanuatu and they are all regularly monitored by GPS. The RVS Tukoro spends quite a lot of time at sea and there is regular contact between the region’s maritime organisations. In addition, Australia still continues financial support to the Maritime Wing, despite Prime Minister Sato Kilman expelling the Australian Federal Police.

This writer also understands Australian maritime surveillance also played a significant role in bringing the rogue yacht Phocea into custody.

The municipality of Canala in New Caledonia is seeking assistance from Port Vila on improving its rubbish dump facility. Excellent. The Vanuatu-maintained and JICA-planned site at Etas is recognised for its excellence and this may help in further prevention of industrial waste destruction facilities as we nearly had imposed on us a year ago. Daily Post says visitors from New Caledonia inspecting the dump site were “extremely impressed” and took many photos to demonstrate its characteristics to their council.

The Reserve Bank and commercial banks, insurance and finance companies, are holding a workshop on 9-10 August to gather stakeholders to work out a financial services action plan for the country. Peter Tari, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank, announced on Radio Vanuatu News. “We want to gather all stakeholders to plan how we can go forward to enable financial services to reach everyone,” he said.

Daily Post says the copra subsidy ends this month. What’s the bet it won’t, this being an election year?

The Parliamentary session sitting on 22 August has 19 new Bills, many of them amendments.

We were unable to obtain The Independent and Vanuatu Times, so there will be another post later today if they carry significant news. Daily Post today has some extremely interesting features concerning how we will meet budget requirements, Unelco, and what’s happening with surgical developments in Vanuatu. Not just cars, Hollywood and cookery.

Oh, and on Unelco, the prepaid Unelco metering at Matantapua was probably just a political promise to boost Minister Steven Kalsakau’s election chances. The Unelco meter in the photo was just a giaman [which means ‘fake’, for our non-bislama readers overseas].