Vanuatu’s Olympic team welcomed to London by British Friends of Vanuatu

Vanuatu's team for the 2012 London Olympics withe members of the British Friends of Vanuatu (BFOV)

Vanuatu’s team for the 2012 London Olympics with members of the British Friends of Vanuatu (BFOV) in the garden of BFOV Chairman Gordon Dickinson and wife Pat in London, 30 July 2012.

The sun shone for Vanuatu Independence Day in Britain and many old friendships were resumed at a barbecue organised by Gordon and Pat as British Friends of Vanuatu adopted Vanuatu’s 2012 Olympic team.

The national anthem was enthusiastically sung by all, and the flag raised. Daily Post had the photo last week, by Stuart Hill (ex-Malapoa College maths teacher), but we think everyone looks better here!

VASANOC’s Joe Bomal Carlo made presentations to both Gordon Dickinson and Norman Shackley, Editor of the BFOV magazine Nabanga, of the special VASANOC plaque made for the London Olympics. He expressed the team’s gratitude for the manner in which they were adopted by the BFOV.

Joe was thrilled to meet again British Residency personalities with whom he had worked prior to Independence. One was Tony Worner who managed Radio Vila and Radio New Hebrides as it became. Also Keith Woodward (standing tall at the right-hand end of the Y for the Y-shaped chain of islands in the flag), whose sculling boat is still in constant use today in the Erakor Lagoon—by a champion sculler—now that rowing has become popular in Vanuatu. Long live sport in Vanuatu and in London at the Olympics. Go, Team Vanuatu, Go!!!