[Talemaot! archive] Independence Day Speech – 2012 Main Objective to become 2012 Election Objective?

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Independence Day Speech – 2012 Main Objective to become 2012 Election Objective?

In a week’s time, Vanuatu will celebrate its 32nd Independence Anniversary – on 30 July 2012.

Traditionally, the incumbent Prime Minister uses this occasion to present the government’s many achievements (both real and wishful) in their national address. This time around – 3 months away from the general election on 30 October 2012 – Prime Minister Sato Kilman is bound to make the most of the opportunity.

2012 Main Objective

However, the big question this year is whether the Prime Minister will present any achievement that relates directly to his 2012 Main Objective as articulated in his 2012 New Year Speech. In the speech, people all over the country were very pleased to hear the Prime Minister say:

“Long tisfala niu yia, bambae bigfala objektiv blong mi olsem Praem Minista hemi blong mekem se Pablik Service blong yumi hemi bikam mo strong. Bambae ikat fulap investigesen mo lukluk long wok blong fulap dipatmen. Korapsen mo fasin blong Fraud we istap insaed long kafman whether long level blong politik o long level blong pablik servants imas finis.”

[“In this new year, my main objective as Prime Minister is to ensure that our Public Service is strengthened. There will be lots of investigations into the work of numerous departments. Corruption and fraudulent activities happening in government, whether at the political level or civil servant level must end.”]

Since he delivered his 2012 Main Objective to the nation, the people have witnessed a disappointing lack of action on the part of the Prime Minister in numerous cases of corrupt and fraudulent activities committed in government. Some of these cases directly implicate the Prime Minister and his Ministers. Here is a brief list of activities where little or no action has been taken to hold those responsible, accountable for their actions:

  • Minister of Infrastructure Harry Iauko’s contracts valued at over 200 million vatu with close associates in contravention of the Government Contracts and Tenders Act. Also, outstanding cases involving Air Vanuatu’s purchase of a racehorse in Australia and the uneconomical leasing of Britten Norman Islander aircraft during Iauko’s term as Chairman of the Air Vanuatu Board
  • Minister of Finance, Moana Carcasses’ signing of 36 million vatu Deed of Release in favour of his close friend Gilles Daniel
  • Minister of Education, Marcellino Pipite’s signing of 17 million vatu Deed of Release to Snoopy’s Stationery
  • Minister of Land, Steven Kalsakau’s Sale of Public Land in contravention of Council of Minister’s decision
  • Auditor General’s Findings in the Investigation into the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (presented to Prime Minister Sato Kilman in June 2011)
  • Illegal entry of three Indonesians into Vanuatu, facilitated by Prime Minister’s First Political Advisor, Richard Kaltongga (One week before the People’s Progressive Party National Congress)
  • Corruption and conflict of interest in the Vanuatu National Provident Fund

Sacred Oath

Prime Minister Kilman made some very important observations in his 2012 New Message. One of these was on the responsibility of Members of Parliament:

“Wan tingting we istap bifo ikam se taem wan MP iko long Parliamen, hemi stap blong wok forom olgeta sapotas blong hem nomo. Hemia ino wan stret tingting mo tingting olsem isave divaedem pipol mo Neisen.

Mi wandem talemaut long yufala olgeta MP we oli stap long Parliament naoia mo olgeta we mait oli kam insaed afta long 2012 Jenerol Elekson se taem we yu elected ikam insaed long Tabu Haus blong yumi, yu tekem jea blong yu mo mekem wan sacred oath blong servim olgeta pipol blong Vanuatu inkludim olgeta we oli no vot long yu.”

[“A common perception that exists today is that a MP goes to parliament to work only in the interest of their supporters. This perception is not right and can divide the people and the nation.

[I want to tell all serving members of parliament and those that might come after the 2012 General Election that when you are elected into our Honoured House (parliament), you take your seat with a sacred oath to serve the people of Vanuatu including those that did not vote for you.”]

2012 Main Objective to become 2012 Election Objective?

As a member of parliament, Sato Kilman has taken the sacred oath to serve the people of Vanuatu, not just his voters.

As Prime Minister, Sato Kilman has presented his Main Objective in 2012 to end corruption and fraudulent activities in government.

As Vanuatu approaches its 32nd Independence Anniversary, the country waits to hear Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s obligatory list of achievements, and wonders whether any mention will be made of his 2012 Main Objective.

Perhaps it will now transform into his 2012 Election Objective?