Carcasses asks Auditor General to investigate allegations of rorts within VNPF

Daily Post this morning begins with Moana Carcasses requests the Auditor General to investigate the VNPF. To most this will seem not enough and too late. Ministers suspend police commissioners and fraud investigators readily enough. Where workers’ savings are involved, a common enough suspension on full pay should be easily arranged and keep people a bit happy. We do not want another riot. Nor do we want Moana Carcasses stacking the VNPF board with his cronies, however.

However, the VNPF savings fund allegedly lost Vt 156 million last year, Daily Post reveals, and this surely merits instant ministerial and managerial explanation and sackings all over the place. Why did they not just take their funds down the road to Bred and bank them? They could have had interest rather than we the working public suffer a huge loss. If the government does no better than “request the auditor general to investigate” any riot will be on the government’s hands.

In another story today, Daily Post reveals another instance of the VNPF rules being broken, as regards frequency of payouts to entitled savings holders.

Daily Post today also reproduces poor quality photos of ministers Alfred Carlot and Marcellino Pipite on board the Phocea which is labelled a diplomatic yacht. “Daily Post understands the minister of education was on board the yacht in connection to a university that was to be set up in Vanuatu, while the minister of foreign affairs was on board to allegedly hand over diplomatic passports to Mr Anh Quan Saken who was the Vanuatu candidate for the Honorary Consul position in Vietnam.” Vanuatu diplomatic passports, it seems, were already being dished out in Tonga (Anh Quan Saken only having had his for six days). Who else has them? Is this not a huge scam? Who benefits? Remember our dollar diplomat Ti Tham Goiset winning the Abkhazia consul position (or whatever it was) with a large percentage of any funds brought in to Vanuatu going straight into her pocket? Should not all honorary consuls be sacked immediately? And in any case, why is a ‘candidate’ for an honorary consul being given a diplomatic passport? The passport should only be given once the position has been made official.

Radio New Zealand also adds its contribution in a story that aired first on VBTC. A masked gunman allegedly linked to the Phocea has terrorised residents at Etas. “In the latest development there are reports that an armed and masked intruder threatened to kill a senior civil servant at his Etas home earlier this week. The intruder, who did not find the civil servant, was said to be linked to one of the MPs who’d been on the yacht and had allegedly been receiving instructions from him.”

There are many people—and many locals—in the Phocea story should be put in prison immediately. And the public awaits information as to what was found on board the Phocea, as a Daily Post analysis considers. Why would such a huge ‘diplomatic’ yacht be needed to carry some cartons of passports? Anh Quan Saken fooled everyone by darting away at the first sign of danger. The rest of the personnel in this story should be locked up and the ship impounded until the inquiry finds what has been cleverly stashed away and which election campaigns it will benefit.

And while we’re talking about diplomats, let’s not forget the Honorary Consul to Indonesia, Dennis Nai, who leads Radio Vanuatu News this morning by claiming he found the SDA Pathfinders lost in Efate bush recently — not Digicel. The National Disaster Management Office comes down firmly on the side of the consul. (Who are all these consuls living in Vila? And how many?) Whatever the NDMO and Foreign Affairs might claim, Digicel telephony was extremely important in locating the kids, Your Excellency.