Phocea tied to diplomatic passports, fake university, false shipping registration

The Phocea scandal produced new revelations of dirty business — fraud, falsification and forgery — in Radio Vanuatu News at midday today.

Internal Affairs Minister George Wells told Radio Vanuatu that documents were discovered showing that diplomatic passports were issued on board the ship. Other papers concern a university in Vanuatu called the Charles Henry University at Pango village since 1998. Minister Wells says there has never been such a university. A government document is allegedly falsified to claim the existence of Charles Henry University.

Furthermore, concerning the ship’s registration, the four-master’s register shows it was registered in 2005 under the name Enigma. However, when it arrived it was called Phocea.

Other documents show the vessel registered next month — on 20 September 2012 at 1200 hours.

Photos and documents on board the ship say the crew members all attended the safety course at the Vanuatu Maritime College. This is another lie. They have never attended such a course.

Everyone from the ship should be imprisoned (which would help to get them talking) and the vessel taken to bits until complete charge sheets can be established for each and every offender against the laws of Vanuatu.