Illegal fishing of Vanuatu territorial waters draining nation’s revenue

Daily Post today points out that the loss of Vanuatu fish sold in Fiji is much greater than what has been stated. It is greater than what is claimed by the international environmental NGO Sea Shepherd and much, much greater than what is stated by the the Department of Fisheries. Daily Post also points out that there are Taiwanese vessels with local agreements and others without, and Vanuatu loses out on all. The statements were made by the DG of Finance, Georges Maniuri.

Daily Post today also gives further details of the encounter between the young man on the Etas road, apprehended and threatened by an unidentified person (offering a large sum of money) wanting to know the home of a senior civil servant. The report comes from senior detective George Twomey. The Phocea affair is showing such a great deal of local as well as foreign nastiness, this website repeats its opinion that all concerned of whatever level should be incarcerated until meaningful statements are obtained. The yacht should be pulled apart to discover any drugs, such as those found at South Efate some years back. A vessel of that size has undertakings other than bringing a renegade Vanuatu consul from Tonga to here, carrying diplomatic passports and entertaining ministers on board with prostitutes.

Daily Post today also has a searching look at the VNPF “monkey business“. “When bad decisions are made willfully and on a consistent basis in public institutions, then it is cause for genuine concern”, observes Kiery Manassah.

Sunday VBTC Radio News carried stories concerning work on south-west Tanna roads to make them ready in time for the Tanna Toka, and Prime Minister Sato Kilman himself addressing the question of the disputed ownership of Norsup airport. He will be putting a paper with the Council of Ministers this week on the topic. Both news items gave every impression of being early government campaigning for the upcoming election.

Access to justice is the duty of the government, says Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek. Of course it is a right, he says, but the government too must fulfill its obligations. There is still no national courthouse following the fire which burned down the Supreme Court building. Santo is the same. The Chief Justice was speaking at Law Week.

Government wants to put Immigration, Labour and Citizenship and Passports under one roof — the ‘one-stop-shop’ idea emerging again.

Some MPs are in Parliament for four years and never once offer any advice or comment. They never say anything, never open their mouths, says the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Edward Nipake Natapei. He was underscoring some home truths concerning representatives in Parliament and the people for whom we vote. If your MP is one of these nambut nobodies, they don’t deserve to be representing you. Vote them out.