Auditor General promises independent investigation into VNPF

VBTC Radio News began today with Auditor General John Path promising an overseas investigator to conduct the inquiry into the mismanagement of VNPF affairs. He promises this solution “because of the high public interest” in the matter and the need to regain public confidence in the retirement fund. August 27 is the last day for tenders and the final report will be given to the Parliamentary accounts committee as well as the Minister of Finance.

The Phocea farce occupies the full front page of Daily Post today. In the magistrates’ court US model Faviola Brugger Dadis was fined only vt70,000 for obstructing Customs, Maritime and Police officials when they boarded the mega-yacht Phocea, the vessel which entered Mele Bay ignoring proper entry requirements. Phocea personnel came and went from the ship for three days before officials discovered it behind Ifira and obtained a search warrant. Two Vanuatu Government Ministers are known to have boarded.

The Malvatumauri wants people to show respect when they come to meetings in the country’s most highly regarded nakamal. Acting CEO Alicta Vuti says that as a place in which peace often has to be re-established, this respect is a great necessity. He was speaking after at least one big meeting to discuss the mismanagement of the affairs of the VNPF when many hundreds of people crowded in and many raised their voices. “Respect in the nakamal must be the same as in a court, the church or Parliament,” he told VBTC Radio News.

A ceremony was held last Friday to mark the completion of the draft for Senior Curriculum Reform for both French and English. Principal Education Officer  Charley Robert said when the work is completed it will “allow both the French- and English-speaking students to enter any university, whether English or French,  if they have the ability and capability to reach this stage.” Implementation, he told Daily Post, should be in 2014.

The ashes of the late, highly respected educationalist John Bent, buried at Kawenu Teachers College recently, where he taught from 1969, have had a coconut tree planted above them by his son, visiting from England, Daily Post reports. Aidan Bent also launched the John Bent Memorial Scholarship Fund which will pay for a student every year at the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education. Daily Post has the details.


3 Comments on “Auditor General promises independent investigation into VNPF”

  1. Sala says:

    Its the Customs Official who was obstructed – not the Maritime nor Quarantine as your reporter writes.
    The fine amount being imposed by the Vanuatu Court is too cheap. This kind of decision does not take into consideration at all the amount of expenses involved – what a waste of time and effort!


  2. Ian Frost says:

    Where do you get your information. You say “it is clear that VNPF made a loss if 152M VTU in 2011”. I have just been through the annual report (available to all members) and the AUDITED accounts show a PROFIT after all operating costs of 474M VTU. It is proper for journalists to expose information, but it is essential that they expose tthe correct information, particularly when it is so easily obtainable. Fanning an angry mob with misinformation does you no credit.An apology would be in order.


    • P32 of the 2011 VNPF annual report shows a loss of vt156 million for the general reserve account, i.e. the funds kept IN RESERVE to pay out members’ entitlements. Why is this amount in the negative? Why did the auditor not pick up on this? It is not normal accounting practice for a reserve account to show a negative amount.

      This question, and the numerous others posed by this blog and other media outlets, highlight the need for continuous scrutiny of the VNPF.

      The Government’s response to date has been wholly unsatisfactory, and VNPF members are fully entitled to greater transparency and accountability. So our coverage is hardly the rabble-rousing that you claim Ian.