Extraordinary session of Parliament, Takara geothermal project land owner group decision both due next week

The first extraordinary session of Parliament was yesterday moved to Monday next week by the Speaker. This is intended to give more time to MPs to consider the government Bills before the House.

The Daily Post headline of “all Takara disputing parties want [geothermal] electricity” is undoubtedly correct. However, the KuTH Energy Managing Director David McDonald has told Daily Post his company has been waiting for over a year for the four parties disputing the potential drilling site to agree. “We won’t drill until we know that the land issue is clear,” he said. “We want to help you replace expensive electricity, using diesel fuel, with clean, cheap electricity.” Daily Post says a court declaration on the rightful custom owner is to be made next week. KuTH has prepared brochures explaining their project in Bislama, Ngunese and the language of Emau.

Leader of the Opposition Rialuth Serge Vohor spoke of the need to oppose corruption as one of his main points addressed in the Face to Face programme of Radio Vanuatu two days ago. Ni-Vanuatu do not have enough resources to progress, he said. We all need money to progress. However, he counselled strongly against people selling their land simply to provide school fees.

Labour Commissioner Lionel Kaluat explains setting the minimum wage at Vt 30,000 in Daily Post today, and it gets rather complicated. The best part is the hourly rate of Vt 170. This will make it much harder for casual labour to be tricked as often seems to have happened.

The Minister and DG of Agriculture helped celebrate the golden jubilee of IRCC on Santo this week. They saw the displays of the important work still being carried out by the country’s most important research station. Yam, taro, cocoa and coconut are amongst the primary produce which has been improved by the station for the benefit of local farmers.

Tiffany Carroll and the publishers of the airline magazine, Island Spirit, are beginning a new international magazine next month — Pacific Island Living. “We know how lucky we are to live in the Pacific, especially Vanuatu,” says Tiffany. “However some things can be a little hard to get hold of.  Everything featured is available here or online,” says Tiffany Carroll, speaking to Daily Post about the region’s first lifestyle magazine.