Parliament to resume today; to vote on reinstating Korman

Radio Vanuatu News informs us that Parliament will resume today after its Wednesday adjournment. So does Daily Post. Both also informed that there will be a vote on reinstating Maxime Carlot Korman, who is said to be joining the government side. This might provide interesting debate in view of the proximity of elections.

On Ifira, PM Sato Kilman praised the efforts of the islanders for their many and various contributions to the economy, especially stevedoring and shipping services. The good hearts of the people of Ifira has enabled the community to have three MPs in Parliament, he observed. He promised the support of government to Ifira Wharf and Stevedoring as it works on its new wharf project.

Lands Minister Steven Kalsakau has appointed a high-powered Geothermal Steering Committee and task force to “ensure the go ahead of the geothermal project in North Efate”. Whilst everyone is agreed thermal energy is cleaner and cheaper than diesel-generated power, recent stories have focused on the “four disputing parties” to the land in question, when there are actually many more. “They all want electricity.” Well, yes, naturally. KuTH Energy’s managing director paid a visit to the grave of Chief Albert Tarma this week.

The Vanuatu Government is joining the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and a seasonal worker in New Zealand has been fined $600 for drunkenness and trespass, we are told by VBTC.