Breaking news: Takara a hot spot in more ways than one

At a meeting attended by almost all of the land-owning population of Takara after church on Sunday, great disappointment was expressed by many and especially the young people of the area, that the thermal electricity company has alienated any support it might have had.

The young people especially now insist on a 51% — minimum – participation in any electricity venture that might be proven scientifically from the resource under the land they own.

The full story is likely to be in Daily Post tomorrow.

Kuth Energy managing director, David McDonald, said to the Takara community last week. “We are ready now. If you delay the project, our investors will lose interest. Be clear that we won’t drill until we know that the land issue is clear.”

However, the land issue is very far from clear, especially to the young leaders of the Emau and Takara community, anxious to retain their productive land in this time of population explosion.

A paper on the range of leasing problems at Takara is being presented by the USP undergraduate team in Auckland in the Pacific Law and Culture Conference at the University of Auckland this week.