Breaking news: Politicisation of posts by outgoing government?

This morning in Parliament, MP Ralph Regenvanu was accused of “getting excited” by Finance Minister Moana Carcasses over his proposal to make the Registrar of Companies a political appointee, to be decided by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management.

This function has previously been fulfilled by the Commissioner of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, to avoid politicisation. The proposed amendment makes the post of Registrar of Companies totally political.

The proposed changes can be found in sections 170, 171 and 172 of the proposed Act, reproduced below.

This writer was not present for all of the debate — and would welcome the Minister’s comments on this matter — but it rather looks as if a Minister, who has been accused of appointing cronies to posts, is still appointing them, just 24 hours before the Government enters caretaker mode.

Should we not all be getting “excited”?


Division 1 Registrar 

170 Registrar 

The Minister is to appoint a person to hold office as Registrar of Companies.

171 Deputy Registrars 

(1) The Registrar may appoint as many Deputy Registrars of Companies as

may be necessary for the purposes of this Act.

(2) Subject to the control of the Registrar, a Deputy Registrar has and may

exercise the powers, duties, and functions of the Registrar under this Act.

(3) The fact that a Deputy Registrar exercises those powers, duties, or

functions is conclusive evidence of his or her authority to do so.

172 Transitional 

The person holding office as Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act

[CAP 191] immediately before the commencement of this Act is deemed to have

been appointed as Registrar of Companies.


2 Comments on “Breaking news: Politicisation of posts by outgoing government?”

  1. enois abis says:

    Are these people out of their bloody minds…???


  2. JKaiana says:

    wow… After VNPF, which?????