Marcellino Pipite, you are a disgrace to the nation

“Put children first. Because children’s well-being is paramount to our country’s development, investment in children is the best investment we can make”, said Minister for Finance and Economic Management Moana Carcasses yesterday, while launching the Vanuatu Child Poverty and Disparities Study on behalf of UNICEF Pacific.

Sadly, it would appear that Carcasses’ fellow Minister in the current Coalition government, Minister for Education Marcellino Pipite, does not share his views.

Quite the opposite, in fact — Pipite is single-handedly blocking the delivery of vital stationery to Vanuatu’s primary schools, it would seem. A competitive tender was advertised for this, and Sharper Image won on the 5th of April. It is now almost September, and our primary schools are still without their stationery. Why? Does the Minister want the tender to go to someone else? At a cost 52% higher than the winning tender? Sources within the education sector tell us that the ‘business’ that Pipite supposedly wants the tender to go to has been defunct since 2005, having closed down after similar allegations were made of a dirty deal.

Reproduced below is a letter supplied to us that was written by Roy Obed, Director of Education Services to all head teachers of primary schools in the country. It explains the reasons for the non-delivery of their stationery.

This is an absolute outrage. Prime Minister Sato Kilman should demand Pipite’s resignation at once. Because after all, as Moana Carcasses says, “children’s well-being is paramount to our country’s development”.

Letter to Vanuatu head teachers regarding non-delivery of 2012 school stationery

Letter dated 28 June 2012 from Vanuatu’s Director of Education Services, Roy Obed, to all Vanuatu primary school head teachers regarding non-delivery of 2012 school stationery due to Minister of Education Marcellino Pipite’s refusal to endorse the winning tender for supply of stationery to schools.

text of the letter:

Wednesday 28 June 2012

To Head Teachers,

I regret to inform you that the Ministry of Education is not able to organize the delivery of your stationery order due to the refusal by the Minister of Education to sign the contract with Sharper Image, the supplier which was endorsed by the Office of the Central Tenders Board on the 5th April as the rightful winner of the tender.

For your information, the tender had achieved a 52% price saving, which would have been refunded to each of the 79 schools which had lodged an order through the MoE.

You will find attached to this letter your initial order and cheque. You are now advised to contact Sharper Image directly (Sergine Festa – Sales Manager – email – tel: 24 906 – mobile 77 27379) who will be able to assist you directly with your order.

Please accept our sincere apologies.

Yours Sincerely, Roy OBED

[Signature and seal]

Director Education Services


8 Comments on “Marcellino Pipite, you are a disgrace to the nation”

  1. ladonna Daniel says:

    Shame on you.


  2. enois abis says:

    what a shame… don’t you all think?


  3. nauanikam Matua says:

    He’s not even worth a pig’s vote… if that’s the domain he’s been relegated to.


  4. Phil Manhire says:

    One small reminder………..59 days to go when YOU can make the difference!!!


  5. b.j. Skane says:

    Especially since, while the kids in schools are being deprived of the very basics of education – pens, pencils, paper – this person has been recently pictured surrounded by multi-million dollar luxury on board super-yacht Phocea.
    This is appalling!

    Pipite says “the government invited him on board.”
    How can ”government” extend such an invitation anyway to a yacht it doesn’t own (or does it?) and why did it do so before the yacht had obeyed the government’s own rules regarding clearance?

    If the government really did do the inviting and also, by the lack of any countermand, endorses Pipite’s alleged conduct regarding school stationery, it is a government that not only has its priorities very, very wrong but seems to have lost any idea of its reason for being.


  6. The Last Voices says:

    Pipite is a silent killer to this nation. See how he kills the young generation.


  7. KFC Vanuatu says:

    Dear editor,

    This is another disgrace to the children. Marcellino Pipite has only brought rubbish to the education system – the other involved allowing closing down of schools in selected areas to entertain political campaigns. This a huge slap on the face, ever for Vanuatu! These children are our children; no matter where they come from – they are tomorrow’ leaders – how can a Minister stoop so low to show disgrace to his constituents and the people of the Republic of Vanuatu. I suggest that Macerlinno’s code of conduct as a Leader under the Vanuatu Leadership code be investigated and brought to justice if need be. One man, fooled by his own ego for self-gain and cronyism capital must not be allowed to ruin the education system of this country – one that lacks qualified/skilled people! Thanks Dailydigester for bring this to light. I wish I am in an office I can investigate, prosecute and end this arrogant politician’s career life, one and for all.

    Vanuatu Citizen
    In support of Education for all and support for the MDG development


  8. Santo voters, do you think Marcellino Pipite is performing his task adequately? If you don’t, then don’t vote for him.

    Voters from elsewhere — it is time to remove all of the fat piggy snouts of non-performing, arrogant politicians from the trough once and for all.

    We need politicians who can represent OUR needs, not their own, in OUR Parliament, and deliver us the services WE require, without cronyism or the politics of patronage.