Phocea crew member leaves Vanuatu despite court order to stay

The Independent reports that Phocea crew member and model, Faviola Brugger Dadis, has left Vanuatu despite a court-issued order for all crew to remain in Vanuatu. The Prosecutor is appealing against the lightness of the sentences of all the crew, and especially of Dadis who obstructed police from doing their duty. A maximum fine of Vt 2,000,000 was sought for Dadis’s actions, but a fine of just Vt 70,000 was imposed. Five crew apparently have been allowed to leave the country, for reasons unknown.

The next Phocea cases will be heard on Tuesday and involve the illegal citizenship granted to a Tongan and a Samoan, at the end of which trial the full extent of charges against the Phocea‘s captain should be known. His case begins in the Supreme Court on 7 September.

Gratuities for the outgoing MPs will total almost Vt 300 million, says The Independent. It points out that the Vt 49 million owing to teachers should have been sorted out in 2007, even before the present MPs began their term of office. Radio Vanuatu News also reports former members of the Vanuatu Constabulary requesting what would amount to a gratuity.

VBTC at noon yesterday reported that the US is displaying much greater interest in the Pacific islands, as is evident from the attendance of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 43rd Pacific Forum meeting currently being held in the Cook Islands. Deputy PM Ham Lini joined a breakfast with the Secretary of State and afterwards had discussions with her.

Opposition leader Serge Vohor has committed to supporting West Papuan independence, long ago abandoned by the Sato Kilman government, VBTC also reported. Vohor emphasized Vanuatu’s interest in the “freedom of West Papua.”


One Comment on “Phocea crew member leaves Vanuatu despite court order to stay”

  1. Sala says:

    “especially of Dadis who obstructed police from doing their duty”
    I would like to make correction here. It is not “Police”

    IT IS CUSTOMS OFFICER who was obstructed.