Nation loses foremost trade negotiator Timothy Sisi

VBTC Radio News this morning began with notice of the death of Vanuatu’s foremost trade negotiator, Timothy Sisi. A message was received from the director of Trade, Sumbwe Antas at the Forum meeting in the Cook Islands drawing attention to Sisi’s career and schooling at Malapoa College: his position in Customs until joining the Department of Trade. Antas pointed out that Sisi was involved with the Pacer and PICTA trade agreements as well as the MSG.

Daily Post began with the news that MP disbursements of cash in their constituencies may well be considered vote-buying, especially since the April 2012 amendments to the Act for the Representation of the People. The temptation may well prove great for some since the total of gratuities paid out to MPs on Friday was Vt 300 million, the paper also reports.

Fest’Napuan is to take place at the end of the month, with Fest’Nalenga putting the event on the road on Wednesday 26 September and Zion Fest closing it on Sunday 30 September. A special addition this year will be Fest’Tamariki all day on Friday 28 September — musical performances from school kids. Something special to look forward to.


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  1. Caroline Nalo says:

    Please mention Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival as well as Fest’Napuan next time!!