Prepaid meters best for Vanuatu’s electricity consumers, say Ministers

Another slow news day. Radio Vanuatu News has Ministers Moana Carcasses and Steven Kalsakau and Lands DG Joe Ligo all thumping the table — still — over their gripe that the Utilities Regulatory Authority is taking too long to decide on the appropriate prepaid meter system.

Minister Steven Kalsakau sees us better managing our use of electric power with prepaid meters, he tells us in Radio Vanuatu News, in a further run of soundbites from last week’s press conference. Hardly news today, and where Steven Kalsakau is concerned, many voters in the peri-urban area most likely see only the empty election promises of Ministers who are in jeopardy.

While on the topic, Minister Steven Kalsakau’s fraud case finally comes into court on Thursday at Dumbea court house.

ADB and New Zealand’s support for the inter-island shipping project just made it through as the last matter of the outgoing Parliament. The Government has told us very little about this, and they must provide more information soon so we can know what they have in mind. It may be a good project. But then, many of the projects Minister Harry Iauko proposed sounded good at the start, but then he bypassed the tender process and cut them up into sub-VT 5 million contracts so he could award them to cronies. The whole country is still paying for this today. A letter in today’s Daily Post details this government malpractice.

What doesn’t make it to Radio News or Daily Post is the death of Gilbert Mermer, an intelligent leader of UMP for many, many years.

What does make it to Radio News, but needs more space than we have here just now, is Derek Brien from the Pacific Institute of Public Policy‘s comment about the weakening of the effectiveness of the Pacific Islands Forum as regards issues like Fiji. We’ll get back to that.


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  1. The Watcher says:

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    They just can’t help themselves — anything to take the spotlight off the REAL issues such as corruption, lack of transparency, accountability and so on. Health and Education achievements….Let’s not go there! Leadership Code….Let’s not go there either.


  2. Don Miller says:

    If it makes Vanuatu readers any happier to know it, New Zealand is also being badly affected by pork barrel politics at present. The laying to waste of provincial railway lines for want of a few million dollars of storm damage repairs, while billions are being spent on new motorways around Auckland, is just one example. Discovering who was filled with largess in supporting the current government during the previous election campaign is quite enlightening! There seems to be no recognition of the impact of future fuel price hikes on road transport costs.