Carcasses claims land owner support for KuTH Energy Takara geothermal project

“No journalist turned up for the morning Radio Vanuatu news bulletin”, we were told by the early morning duty announcer at 6 a.m. today. How thoroughly unprofessional, VBTC. This blog therefore brings you only main items from last evening’s news.

Caretaker Finance Minister Moana Carcasses spoke of the support of certain land owners at Takara for the KuTH energy project when launching the KuTH book concerning the project at the Chiefs’ Nakamal yesterday. He saw the proiect as one in which everyone will win — electricity consumers and investors alike. Landowners are key and nothing can proceed without their approval, he said. Major land disputes continue in the area. The project is in the national interest. Radio Vanuatu broadcast part of his address in its current affairs unit of the radio news bulletin.

Daily Post leads with evidence of how citizenship applications are being spearheaded by middlemen. Fast-tracking also included the granting of citizenship by the chairman of the Citizenship Commission Joe Arnhambat without even a quorum of members present. Incomplete applications seem not to matter and were no bar to citizenship for the Samoan and Tongan involved in the Phocea affair. The case continues.

The Public Prosecutor is named in a careless driving matter in today’s Daily Post. The complainant allegedly had her left foot run over by the Public Prosecutor after an incident involving the throwing of apartment keys out of the car window. The Public Prosecutor questions how she could be accused of “careless driving” in a car park.

UMP lost its national coordinator Gilbert Mermer of Erakor after an illness which lasted some months. He held a UMP executive post and worked in a number of Government ministries including the Prime Minister’s Office when former PM Serge Vohor was leader. He also worked with UMP regional committees around the country, Radio Vanuatu news reported.  A funeral service was held yesterday at the Sacre Cœur Cathedral.

Port Vila Municipal Council is employing a debt collector to try to recover the Vt 200 million in outstanding property (and other) taxes.

Vanuatu for the first time has produced a finalist in the Paralympic Games — Marcel Usamoli. He came seventh, behind the world record holder for the 400 metre event, an athlete from Tunisia. Usamoli also achieved a personal best time for the race, said VBTC news.