Critical media analysis missing on Phocea affair, citizenship fraud, corrupt land deals

This blog started life as an email list called What the Vanuatu News Media are Saying. Well, they are not saying very much today, despite citizenship fraud, wrongful sales of public land and mega-yachts arriving illegally. And allegations wherever one goes that these are all connected.

Yesterday VBTC Radio News told us that much crime is marijuana related and Airports Vanuatu Ltd has a new fire truck, which the Government handed over (so who gave it?). They also mentioned two persons being taken into custody for serious child abuse cases. Drugs use is again in the news this morning, as well as Australia giving Vt 700 million for a variety of projects ranging from malaria reduction to rural development assistance and primary school fees. The United States is giving Vt 350 million to destroy ordnance from WWII still in the region.

Daily Post leads with Erakor land owner Bernard Lauto suing his sister-in-law for fraud concerning land he understands to be his. And then there is the Clean Pacific 2012 Campaign which continues with clean-ups and educational measures, especially in schools.  The Indonesian ambassador makes his last visit to Vanuatu and there is news of intending candidates.