Minister of Lands Kalsakau gifts public property to Lands Dept cronies

Minister of Lands Steven Kalsakau orders Director Peter Pata to allocate public property at cheap rates to Lands Department staff. This is the bombshell headline in today’s Daily Post. His letter to the Director is in flagrant denial of Council of Ministers resolution 60 of 2010, which suspended the sale of state land. Director Pata told Daily Post‘s Ricky Binihi that the land referred to here is in the Korman and Freswota areas where “owners have forfeited their titles due to non-development of land and non-payment of land rent”. The Minister’s letter says purchasers need only pay 50% of the premium with a deposit of 10% and then to organise settlement with their banks”. There has been no tendering process and the offer is exclusively for Lands Department staff.

The Minister of Lands has also issued a lease title to a person of Italian origin for a downtown waterfront property for Vt 500,000 — a ridiculously low price considering its prime location and commercial value. This transaction which was protested in a public notice in the Daily Post a week ago as unlawful and fraudulent. This Minister’s activities have him presently before the courts on fraud charges. What are the Chief of Ifira, Prime Minister Sato Kilman and Public Prosecutor Kayleen Tavoa doing to stop the continuing corrupt and illegal activities of this Minister? Nothing at all, it seems.

A meeting of Melanesian education coalition partners begins today. Under consideration will be reaching the Millennium Development Goals for education by 2015. The coalition members are the Vanuatu Education Policy Advocacy Coalition, the Coalition for Education of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea Education Network. They will be sharing their concerns with the Canberra-based Asia-South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education.

A VBTC media forum on education is being held this evening at Erakor Community Hall from 6 to 8 pm. The topic “How Free is Free Education?” will be debated by Roy Obed (Education Ministry), Anne Pakoa (VEPAC), Jonathan Tarip (PCV), Alick Terry (who was formerly a chairman of Vila North school), Jocelyn Mete (teacher) and John Niroa (Education Ministry), moderated by Michael Taurakoto. This is an appropriate place to ask questions about why no school stationery has been provided by the Ministry this year.


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