Dept of Justice to act against non-attendance, bungling by Public Prosector’s Office

Justice vows to clamp down on Prosecutions is the front page story in today’s Daily Post. Director General of the Ministry of Justice Mark Bebe says the Ministry takes very seriously complaints made by the police and public concerning the handling of a number of major court cases. The Ministry will be looking to see if public servants have failed to carry out their duties. Cases have been abandoned because the Prosecution has failed to appear. Chief Detective George Twomey echoes these complaints, and highlighted the NISCOL and Phocea cases. Members of the judiciary have also been greatly inconvenienced by the Prosecution on numerous occasions in the last few weeks alone.

Daily Post refers to the incredibly low literacy rate for Shefa Province of just 27.6%, which also suggests an even lower literacy rate for other provinces. The survey was conducted by the Vanuatu Education Policy Advocacy and explained by Anne Pakoa at the ‘Free Education’ forum at Erakor last Wednesday. Pakoa asked everyone listening to the broadcast of the forum to ask themselves why there had been so little advantage taken of school places available. Indeed, there is less competition for class places in the rural areas than in the two towns.

Perhaps it is time to speak more bluntly. The Ministry of Education, and the nation’s educators, have failed the nation. The two most important foundations of any nation are health and education. If the majority of Vanuatu’s students are not functionally literate in any language by the time they leave school, then what hope is there for the future of our nation? It is time for a radical change in how we educate our children if there is to be any hope at all.

Vanuatu will get a greater share of revenue from its fisheries following the renegotiation of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), a subregional agreement on terms and conditions for tuna purse seine fishing licences. Director of Fisheries, Moses Amos, told VBTC News the present treaty is ending and Forum countries have been renegotiating a ten-year extension to the PNA here in Vanuatu. Our waters are fished industrially by longliners for yellowfin, albacore and bigeye tuna, but the dragnet method of seiner vessels will be used to catch skipjack. There are rules governing the use of seiners to prevent the killing of certain protected fish species and to avoid FADs. Vanuatu’s benefit under the PNA, Moses Amos said, will increase from USD16 million annually to USD45 million.

The Vanua’aku Pati leadership appeal is before the full bench of the Appeals Court this afternoon in Port Vila. The Harry Iauko faction is appealing the Chief Justice’s ruling in favour of the Edward Natapei-led leadership. Earlier in the week, Justice Spear asked the counsel for the Iauko faction, Silas Hakwa, whether the Lumbukuti over-stayers could consider themselves a legitimate congress of the party when the congress had already continued at Panita with an elected leadership. The answer is coming this afternoon.

This morning in the Appeals Court in Luganville, Kalfau Moli, formerly CEO of NISCOL, is appealing his sentence in criminal case 19 of 2011, Daily Post tells us. Moli expects to be the heir apparent to a Luganville seat for UMP, but his eligibility to contest the election will depend on this appeal.

Interim visas are causing confusion and problems at the airport since only the Principal Immigration Officer (PIO) can grant them. Quite clearly the PIO cannot meet every single flight, so changes to the wording of the regulation would seem necessary to close the door on improper procedures.


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  1. The Daily Post is worth buying today just for the letter by Martin Smith about the value of our Parliamentarians. What do they cost the country and do we get value for our money? he asks. This blog hopes to receive occasional comment from him — though hopefully a bit shorter that today’s letter 😉