Govt, Minister Carlot hold press conferences to “clarify misconceptions” over Phocea, dodgy land dealings

Government is engaged in a headlong rush to hold press conferences to ‘clarify’ misconceptions which they claim have been generated by the media. VBTC News and Daily Post both report on what was said at these press conferences.

Neither news source has yet reported the huge loss to Government on land lease sales. Daily Post has partially reported the Café du Village story, writing that the Ministry of Lands sold the lease to the Café du Village site for the pathetically low amount of Vt 500,000. Vanuatu has lost up to Vt 150 million on what was claimed to be “unmanageable” public land, but which is actually prime, commercial real estate. When will Government hold a press conference to explain this? We are holding our breath.

Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot yesterday “broke his silence” with his press conference over the Phocea. Yes, he, Carlot, was invited on board the yacht Phocea with a formal invitation, as were all Ministers. “Mr Carlot says Pascal Anh Quan Saken has helped him out a lot financially”, reports Radio New Zealand International today.

Carlot has known Pascal Anh Quan Saken, self-proclaimed owner of the mega-yacht Phocea, since they went to kindergarten together in Vila. It hasn’t been revealed how and where Pascal Anh Quan Saken made so much money after his kindy years, or how he could so quickly and easily achieve citizenship and ambassadorial status for Vietnam, or become Vanuatu Special Envoy for Peru. Foreign nationals must reside in Vanuatu for 10 years before they can become citizens of Vanuatu, the law of Vanuatu states.

Pascal Anh Quan Saken is, however, now in pursuit of that other local ‘Saken’, businesswoman, Te Moli Venaos Moi Saken Thi Tham Goiset, on fraud and forgery charges through his Polynesian agents, Michael Tangataolakepa and Hira Matiupage Donald. And then there is the question of the 100 cattle Saken lost, allegedly sold to the VNPF to keep on their Bouffa farm, for which cattle Vt 30 million was paid and then borrowed by “a ni-Vanuatu businessperson”.

Director General of Internal Affairs, George Bogiri, also held a press conference where he attempted to spin the sale of permanent residency visas in Hong Kong as a financial bonanza that will help finance the government’s mysterious budgetary over-spend this year. Vt 200 million from such visas will go towards meeting the unexplained Vt 700 million budgetary deficit, Bogiri claims. Bogiri says that the usual Vanuatu immigration laws apply for anyone granted permanent residency. The media recently learned in court that middlemen are used to speed up the process of citizenship for people arriving here, despite the efforts of Citizenship Commission employees trying to stamp out this illegal practice. Perhaps Vanuatu can expect an avalanche of foreigners unless we vote in a Government willing to actually enforce the laws of Vanuatu, instead of arrogantly flouting them.

A headline of a lengthy story in Daily Post says “Public Prosecutor replies to criticisms”. Kayleen Tavoa has a lot to say, but nothing by way of an apology for her shameful non-attendance in court, keeping the judge and a court room of people waiting for the Kalsakau fraud case hearing, amongst others. A reminder, Public Prosector: not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.

The candidacy list of Edward Natapei is the only Vanua’aku Pati list that will be accepted by the Electoral Commission. Harry Iauko’s candidates will not be accepted, says Daily Post.


7 Comments on “Govt, Minister Carlot hold press conferences to “clarify misconceptions” over Phocea, dodgy land dealings”

  1. b.j. Skane says:

    Maybe something to do with the so-called “Billionaires Yacht Club” in Shanghai? Both the “Yacht Club” and “Mangusta Yachts” appear to be run by this person.


  2. Imaan Imaan says:

    Also Pascal Anh Quan Saken is no ordinary businessman but an alleged fraudster who is being monitored by Interpol and AFP.
    Any donation for the benefit of this nation should have been made transparently through normal government procedures. Business dealings of such a nature, particularly with a questionable business character, is an incentive for pure corruption.


  3. benson raptigh says:

    I am not in anyway supporting Alfred Carlot but I guess the honorable thing to do now is to make right choices in this coming general election. The key to stop corruption is in our hands. We the voters are to be blamed most. So far this is the best Mr. Alfred Carlot can do in his capacity for our nation.


    • Alfred Carlot does not have a shred of honour in his whole being. If the best thing the he can do in his capacity as Minister is admit that he has taken money from a foreign businessman, then Vanuatu is in very serious trouble, more serious than I think most people realise. The only honourable act possible in this situation would have been to refuse Anh Quan’s money. It’s as simple as that.


  4. Jino Suaki says:

    Why is Pascal Anh Quan Saken being made ambassador to Vietnam and also special envoy to Peru… are there any benefits that Vanuatu can gain from these appointments or just a few greedy individuals who wanna fill up their pockets… Political crap!!!!…