Amazing video of Ambrym’s Marum volcano lava lake

Vanuatu is one of the world’s most active volcanic hotspots. But even here in Vanuatu, it is possible to occasionally forget about the awe-inspiring power just beneath our feet. This video is a reminder of nature’s incredible, raw power.

NZ film maker Geoff Mackley captured this footage in August this year:

After an epic struggle with the weather for 35 days, we became the first people ever to get this close to Marum Volcano’s famed lava lake on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu. Coming within 30 metres of the lava lake down a watercourse, it was possible to stand the heat for only 6 seconds. With Fire Brigade breathing apparatus and heat proof proximity suit it was possible to stand on the very edge and view the incredible show for over 40 minutes.

Geoff, just make sure you plant the Vanuatu flag next time, OK?

[via i09, more on Mackley’s website]


3 Comments on “Amazing video of Ambrym’s Marum volcano lava lake”

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  2. Jaksil Maestro says:

    OK this makes me both proud to be from Ambrym and at the same time envious of the people who were able to get there and not me… I’ve never been to my own island’s volcano!


  3. Jino Suaki says:

    Wow… This is really amazing, having to experience the power of nature close hand.