Pascal Anh Quan a.k.a. Vu Anh Kuan a.k.a. Ahn Quan Saken

Not only does he dabble in biotechnology and farming, Anh Quan, or Vu Anh Kuan as he also calls himself, is also the illustrious chairman of the yachting charter company Billionaire Yacht Club, or so his claims his website:

[Billionaire Yacht Club] was formed by Mr. Vu Anh Kuan, founder of Mangusta Yachts Singapore, the exclusive provider and official brand of Shanghai Billionaire Club, also founder of Luxury Cruiseline Co., Ltd. Mr. Vu Anh had built “Meditation”, which is a custom 130 foot luxury yacht and is co-owner of the shipyard “Tango” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and former owner of Elite Modeling Agency Singapore.

This explains his penchant for luxury mega-yachts. But given such experience with the yachting industry, one would think he would know all about quarantine, customs and immigration clearance upon entry into a port, no?

One thing he does appear to know is the value of collecting a slew of name variations across a range of jurisdictions…