Caretaker Govt Ministers bickering as last days in office draw to a close

Caretaker Ministers are bickering in the media in their final days in office. Radio Vanuatu News carried a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister that says that every action of the Prime Minister’s office regarding passports was made under the official Passports Act and that Alfred Carlot has failed to prove the serious allegations of illegality he was making. The statement also said that a Council of Ministers’ decision had made clear that there will be no release of diplomatic passports until the time the Council and the country concerned had approved diplomatic appointments. This referred to Vu Anh Quan who holds a Vanuatu diplomatic passport and whose yacht, Phocea, Alfred Carlot had boarded illegally, said PM Sato Kilman. The caretaker Ministers seem to be falling out.

The Vanua’aku Pati internal dispute over leadership is not over yet. Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek said yesterday that the issue of party registration of candidates for the election must be resolved before the end of the week, he said. The Harry Iauko faction, defendants in the case, and their counsel, Silas Hakwa, failed to appear in Court yesterday and are being given until this afternoon by the Chief Justice, Radio Vanuatu News reports. Chief Justice Lunabek says he is determined to see that democratic processes are properly followed for the election on 30th October.

The last fugitive prisoner has surrendered. Murderer and rapist Jacky Saul turned himself in on Sunday evening in Mele Maat village, Daily Post reports. Why the police were unable to apprehend him when they have known of his whereabouts for several months now, and when those who have been sheltering him will have criminal charges brought against them, are questions we need answered right now.

Daily Post also reports that workers in both Santo and Vila not being paid the new minimum wage. There are workers receiving as little as Vt 70 an hour in employment in new businesses in Luganville. The new minimum hourly rate in Vanuatu is Vt 170.


3 Comments on “Caretaker Govt Ministers bickering as last days in office draw to a close”

  1. Williams says:

    It would be a great honour for your establishment to run Carlot’s election campaign – he estimates your expertise and values any genuine input!


  2. Dailydigester thanks the Caretaker Foreign Minister for his suggestion outside the Magistrates’ Court on Friday that we should run his election campaign, but believes the Minister has a good team at work already.