West Papuan independence activist concerned about Indonesian attempts to influence election

West Papuan activist Andy Ayamiseba voices his concern in today over a group of Indonesians expected to arrive in the country in the run-up to the election period. His anxiety focuses on the possibility of electoral campaign contributions for the PPP arriving with such people. Australia will not issue them visas. A group of Indonesians who arrived recently in Vanuatu without visas were illegally permitted entry by the Prime Minister’s Office. Under Sato Kilman, Vanuatu’s long-standing support for a free and independent West Papua has been thrown out the window for (probably a lot more than) the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

Illegal arrivals are also the subject of the Transparency International Vanuatu page in the Daily Post today, calling for a high-level investigation into the issuing of passports — both diplomatic and ordinary — and citizenship. We have learned of the issuing of illegal passports this week from Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot and earlier this year of a Latvian, Juris Gulbis, was miraculously given Vanuatu nationality after less than a year of residence, even though the law requires 10 years of residence. We learned a month ago of how illegal passports continue to be issued, with middlemen doing the work in the Phocea illegal entry cases. Revelations over passport offences go back to 1998 when an Ombudsman’s report on the illegal issuing of passports to Jian Peng Chen and family. There is also reported passport misconduct by former PM Serge Vohor and former minister Barak Sope.

News from New York on Radio Vanuatu News — Prime Minister Sato Kilman discussing with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon the”natural challenges” Vanuatu faces in achieving its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). One wonders if failing to pay a large group of our teachers might be one of the “natural challenges” in achieving our education MDGs. Kilman is also having discussions with PM Xanana Gusmao of Timor Leste on stronger trade ties and air services. Why air services? Timor Leste shares a land border with Indonesia. How convenient.

A custom land owner has called on the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs and the National Government to stop illegal land dealings. Last Friday evening, alleges Ronald Joseph of Erakor Emten Lagoon, the Director of Lands enabled the extension of a lease of the Emten Island project to land over which Joseph already holds a title. In view of the revelation Minister Steven Kalsakau signed the two leases of the Mangaliliu/Lelepa land (after denying he had) in a manner which will undoubtedly be hotly disputed in court, all dealings by this Minister and Department should not be trusted.

Not only Transparency Vanuatu — stringbands are coming out against corruption. Young musicians are taking political corruption as a theme to this year’s Fest’Napuan, Daily Post reports.

Suspended Commissioner of Police Joshua Bong is taking his suspension and 30 September termination to the Appeals Court, reports VBTC.


2 Comments on “West Papuan independence activist concerned about Indonesian attempts to influence election”

  1. Bob Makin says:

    And Rob, remember too our politicians and NBV prefer to bulldoze schools or sports areas and sell them to commercial interests, like they did with Vila City College. There’s all of Korman Stadium the suddenly politicised Joe Ligo will want to sell off after he’s got rid of Freswota field.


  2. Rob Crapper says:

    I’m glad of the comment regarding paying the teachers. The school at Sara Vilij SW Epi hasn’t had a real teacher in the school now for more than 3 months despite repeated pleas to the Education Dept. Consequently of the 30 to 40 children registered, only 5 or 6 that attend — the rest have either been sent to far off schools or mostly just walk about. A pity, as this school has already been forced to relocate, and after 5 years the new buildings are just about ready to be occupied. So far, all attempts to get a teacher result in a firm “Sori, No Gat”