Government wants 10,000 land subdivisions set up throughout Vanuatu

Government wants over 10,000 subdivisions throughout the country. DG of the Ministry of Lands Joe Ligo is passionate about subdivisions everywhere. He wants subdivisions on town green spaces, on Tanna, Ambae, Malakula, he said in a press conference this week. He says he will sell every green space in town. “Many people come to the Lands Ministry,” said Ligo, who can only be speaking of foreigners, “and they say there are so many places without anything suitable happening on them. It is much better these places have houses built upon them.” He adds, as heard on Radio Vanuatu this morning: “It is a right that every citizen has property.”

Joe, every ni-Vanuatu already has property under the Vanuatu Constitution. Their land. But if the reckless selling of land leases that you are proposing is allowed to go ahead, ni-Vanuatu won’t have their land for much longer.

The Ligo harangue was a pretext for having Government ensure commercial banks lower their interest rates for home loans so that island farmers can turn their land over to subdivisions. Vanuatu’s Reserve Bank and financial advisors are expected to co-operate. Presumably these subdivisions are intended to house the Asians being recruited to come here through the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and the Vanuatu Hong Kong Trade Commission’s TV ads for permanent residency. Possibly South America will be next, perhaps with a little help from our representative in Peru, Vu Anh Quan. Ligo promised the removal of more town green spaces when Government has the money. He listed Mandela Park, Freswota football field, Ohlen Freswin, Blacksands as earmarked for sale. There must be subdivisions everywhere, he said. He did not, however, mention the seafront esplanade.

The Ligo about-face is a clear example of where the politicisation of the Director General positions is leading. His application for his new political post was due in yesterday, so clearly he is trying to ingratiate himself with his political masters. Until now, Ligo has defended the rights of the people of Eton to keep big housing estates off their land. Now he must want to see Eton cemented over.

South American diplomatic posts are front page news again in Daily Post today. The Prime Minister’s Office has produced documents alleging that Pascal Vu Anh Quan ‘Saken’, owner of the Phocea, has plenipotentiary powers south and north of the border. He is Ambassador-at-large in Peru, Ambassador-at-Large South America and Peru, Ambassador-at-Large for the United States of America, Vanuatu Commissioner of Trade, Business Development and Culture for South America, Colombia and Peru and Vanuatu, Commissioner of Trade for Central America and Panama. Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot says the document is a forgery. He is insisting that the other local Saken, Mme Thi Tham Goiset be removed as Vanuatu’s Roving Ambassador to Russia. Prime Minister Sato Kilman refuses, says Carlot.

In the headlong rush to offer diplomatic status, Dennis Nai of the Tebakor 9 Shopping Centre has been made Vanuatu Honorary Consul to Indonesia and China, replacing Willie Jimmy Tapangararua. Daily Post reports Mr Nai won contrary to the choice of a selection panel empowered to choose from high-calibre indigenous applicants. However, his appointment was approved by the Council of Ministers. The Natapei government sought to deport Nai for illegally gaining Vanuatu citizenship. Daily Post says he has “since forged good relations with the government”, but the question of the legality of Nai’s citizenship remains unresolved.

The Minister of Finance, Moana Carcasses, has not renewed the contract of the CEO of the Utilities Regulatory Authority, Mr Carmine Piantedosi, but has not given an explanation why Piantedosi’s contract was not renewed. The Minister also says he realises that a gap in the leadership will be detrimental to the work of the Authority. Fortunately, Mr Piantedosi says the positive changes established by the Authority will be able to continue regardless.


2 Comments on “Government wants 10,000 land subdivisions set up throughout Vanuatu”

  1. Caroline says:

    Sounds like the present govt is digging its own grave before the elections, surely ni-Vanuatu will not support the sale of green spaces and the appointment of dicey non-ni-Vanuatu when there are competent ni-Vanuatu to do the job?


    • You would think so, wouldn’t you? But there’s the suitcases of cash donated to the PPP by the Indonesian Government and other sources, plus the usual slavish devotion to big men to contend with. But there’s always hope.