Performance review for former Police Commisioner set for 8 October

A review of the performance of Joshua Bong as Police Commissioner will take place on October 8. The role of the Police Service Commission, the PSC Deputy Chairman told us today, is to ensure independence and transparency in appointments to senior police posts. However, at the weekend Minister for Internal Affairs George Wells stepped in and reappointed Tony Arthur as Chairman of the PSC. Arthur is facing mutiny charges and is also an intending candidate in this month’s election. Further meetings of the PSC were banned by the Minister on Monday. It would seem that Minister Wells prefers political interference over independence and transparency.

The Director General of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Secretariat, Peter Forau, told Daily Post that the the largest MSG partner, Papua New Guinea, has officially gazetted the MSG Trade Agreement. One can only add that it would, wouldn’t it? Whether WTO or MSGTA, it is the largest countries which benefit the most such agreements. It will only be a matter of time before Fiji joins in, too.

A delegation from the Southern Province of New Caledonia is here to discuss the importation of limestone from Vanuatu to the French territory. For environmental reasons, New Caledonia has banned the mining of limestone there, even though they have more than the industry needs without leaving home. VBTC Radio News says the territory is presently importing limestone from the Philippines. Santo, Pentecost, Malakula and Efate are being considered as cheaper alternatives.

The names of all candidates for election will be finalised next Wednesday. There are more than 300 candidates. Some proposed candidates are not yet on the list and others have accounts owing to Government which will disqualify them.

The Vanua’aku Pati leadership case was in the Supreme Court on Tuesday and heard evidence concerning the Lumbukuti and Panita congresses of the party from senior politicians Joe Natuman and Sela Molisa. The case continues.


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  1. Caroline Nalo says:

    Radio New Zealand says Canadian-owned nickel mining company Vale Nouvelle-Calédonie has stated that it is not interested in Vanuatu limestone and will continue to get its supply from the Philippines.