Police use warrant to demand information from newspaper

In a mildly alarming story for the media, a search warrant was produced by a police investigation unit at Daily Post premises yesterday to get copies of all items concerning the suspension of Commissioner of Police Joshua Bong earlier this year. Editor Royson Willie sensibly told the police officers there was no need for such heavy-handed techniques as copies of all newspapers are readily available. Daily Post observed certain police are trying to build up a case concerning mutiny to explain Bong’s suspension. The newspaper prudently gave little space to the story. Bong’s performance will be reassessed and this will occur on October 8.

Just on two months since the VNPF crisis, Daily Post leads today with the story that the VNPF audit promised by GM Santos Vatoko “may” begin next week. The former telecoms-turned-investment executives remain suspended on full salary. A successful overseas tender to conduct the audit was promised by 27 August. However, the successful bidder’s name has not yet been announced. Will 2011’s loss of Vt 156 million be repeated in 2012?

In Luganville Hospital, 15 people were recovering following the sinking of their ship last weekend. This was a lead story on VBTC Radio News this morning. The ship was not named. It belongs to “a local businessman.” His name should be announced. The vessel went down near Hog Harbour while transporting heavy items to the Banks Islands and the best efforts of the crew could not save the vessel. All aboard escaped in the ship’s dinghy.

The Vanuatu ambassador to Russia and Abkhazia, Thi Tham Goiset was yesterday ordered by the Supreme Court to re-pay a loan to Chief Joseph Tangis of Vt 6 million plus Vt 3.25 million in interest at the rate she herself promised she would repay. Nobody appeared in court on her behalf. The full story is expected in Daily Post tomorrow. Goiset has set herself up as the figurehead of custom movements on Santo and Tanna.


3 Comments on “Police use warrant to demand information from newspaper”

  1. BILL PRESTON says:

    Reading Vanuatu newspapers and your news digest, it seems our beloved Vanuatu is jumping from one crisis/scandal to another. Will the new government consist of good honest members? That is the only hope Vanuatu’s people have. To continue on the present course can only result in further decline of Vanuatu people while foreigners get all the wealth and land. Surely, a wake-up call is long overdue.


    • Bill, let us not forget that foreigners can only get land in wealth in Vanuatu if ni-Vanuatu people let them. It is time to stop externalising the blame for Vanuatu’s woes; we are to blame, and no one else. Likewise, we only have ourselves to blame if we vote in the same bunch of crooks. Which is almost certainly going to happen with the upcoming election (though not if we can do anything to help it!)


  2. Sewii George says:

    Time to wake up, fellow citizens!