Council of Ministers backtracks on plan to change election date

Daily Post‘s headline is election dates maintained. The Council of Ministers (CoM) apparently expressed concerns that the six-day gap between the end of campaigning and the polling date might encourage bribery, so was considering amending the polling date. How or why this might be possible is not explored in the article, nor is why there is such a large gap between campaign end and polling. The article also fails to question why the CoM has waited until this late stage to raise such a concern, or why it would even be considering such a nationally disruptive change in the first place! We are 21 days away from the election. Just 21 days. Must everything in Vanuatu does be done at the last minute? Is no one in Government capable of forward planning? And in any case, some of those on the CoM are already experts in the art of bribery — they began buying their voters weeks ago.

Eligible candidates will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday 10 October).

The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu raises a range of issues that voters need to consider when deciding how to vote. They note that the voting public wants a unified police force. Political parties may divide, they say, but the Vanuatu Police Force must not. Indeed. The voice of the churches, so crucial at Vanuatu’s independence, is needed even more today. Catholic and Anglican churches, where are your voices?

John Taleo is the new Acting Deputy to Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton. The explanation of the events of the last week promised by Minister George Wells is yet to appear in the media.


2 Comments on “Council of Ministers backtracks on plan to change election date”

  1. Anna Naupa says:

    HI there – you had a mistake in your post regarding the candidacy applications. These have closed. October 10 is when eligible candidates will be announced (i.e. no debt to GoV etc, met the application criteria etc). Those who are deemed uneligible will have 72 hours to address any issues (pay off GoV debt for example) and then by 13 October a final list of candidates will be announced.