Breaking news: Ministry of Education bled dry by Council of Ministers’ illegal payment to stationery business—that ceased trading 7 years ago

Here’s some happy news for Vanuatu’s teachers and schoolchildren: the Ministry of Education has now run out of money for the rest of 2012, thanks to a Council of Ministers decision to give Vt 17,000,000 to Snoopys Stationery, which has been out of business since 2005.

Looks like more teachers are about to be added to the list of hundreds still waiting to be paid.

Letter from Vanuatu Ministry of Education Director General Jesse Joe Dick dated 15 October 2012 informing recipients that the Ministry of Education has run out of operational budget for 2012 due to a payment of vt17 million to Snoopys Stationery

Text of the letter:

151h October 2012

To: All Directors
All Advisors to the Minister
All PEOs

Re: Ministry of Education Financial Status

This letter serves to inform you all of the financial status of the Ministry of Education. As of 10th October, the Ministry of Education has fully exhausted all available funds in its operational budget allocation for 2012. The remaining operational money was used to settle a Council of Ministers decision to settle an outstanding debt with Snoopys Stationery for 17 million vatu.

Due to this unforeseen expenditure, staff of the Ministry may not be able to fulfil activities scheduled within their 2012 work plan. Activities will need to be deferred to 2013.

Further discussions will be held with the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management and the Prime Minister’s Office to request financial assistance to sustain the Ministry till the end of the year.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation towards this matter.

Jesse Joe Dick
Director General

Cc: Hon. Marcellino Pipite, Minister of Education