683 Permanent Residence visas approved in Hong Kong

Voters want change, says the Vanuatu Times today. How right they are. Bus drivers all agree that we cannot get much worse administration than the current one.

Daily Post leads with the information that 683 Permanent Residence visas have been approved in Hong Kong for persons of “mainly Asian origin”. The government is to receive Vt 154 million for granting this status. George Bogiri, DG of Internal Affairs, and Principal Passport Officer Henry Tamashiro brush the matter aside as simply a case of providing a residential address to permit Asians to reside in Hong Kong’s Special Economic Zone. “Over 600 cases have been approved, but to date, not a single applicant has landed in Vanuatu. This shows that the cases are only interested to enter Hong Kong”, the office of the DG states.

However, it does not explain at all the distress of a former Secretary General of the Citizenship Commission, who, in court, explained how he had tried to stamp out fast-tracked and illegal citizenships during his time at the Citizenship Commission. Nor does it explain the large number of new Chinese businesses in the capital. Nor does it explain how the school book stationery order could be given to a new citizen at considerable cost to parents after the tender process had been followed and awarded to a long-term resident investor. It does explain money-grubbing local politicians at election time. And what about all the Asian investors working on building sites and robbing locals of their jobs? Alor, but of course! The newcomers can understand their Asian foremen (other investors) and their store building will bring so much more Asian investment to the country.

Transparency International Vanuatu is now providing international observers for the October 30 general election along with the diplomatic mission observers announced yesterday. TIV has finally been given the green light. The conduct of the election will be assessed by the observers, who can report and electoral discrepancies that they see.

Almost all the serious Phocea charges now devolve to its runaway ‘owner’ Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken with the captain and crew pleading guilty to illegal entry charges. Only Ministers Alfred Carlot and Marcellino Pipite and Carlot’s private secretary Matai Kalwatman plead not guilty to the charge of boarding the vessel before Customs.


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  1. b.j. Skane says:

    Regarding the remaining “Phocea” charges, I don’t want to be picky and possibly it is of no interest to any other than those involved but since lawyer Nigel Morrison has gone to the trouble to set the record straight it is only fair that it be reported correctly.
    The only “crew” of “Phocea” still involved is the captain, Richard Malaise, who has pleaded guilty to failure to call at an authorised port; failure to report the vessel’s arrival and
    disembarking before Customs had boarded.
    Polynesians Tangatalakepa and Matiupage, who both resided in Vila at the time of the arrival of “Phocea” have pleaded guilty to boarding the vessel before Customs. Charges against both of complicity to disembark were withdrawn.
    The charge of boarding before Customs against Branislav Gobelijic, who also resided in Vila at the time the vessel arrived, was withdrawn.