Willie Jimmy opens mouth, shoots self in foot

Last Saturday saw the election campaign going ahead, as quoth Shakespeare, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.  In typically inimical fashion, Willie Jimmy was still sounding off against Wan Smolbag Theatre following the Pacific Institute of Public Policy debate at Wan Smolbag last Wednesday, during which some young people apparently weren’t sufficiently deferential. Jimmy has since promised to shut down Wan Smolbag should he get elected.

A far more likely outcome of this intemperate outburst is that Jimmy has now alienated a large segment of the voting population — along with a number of future voters as well.

Here’s his complaint and below, WSB’s response:

Press Release by Mr Willie Jimmy

Wan Smolbag Response long Mr Willie Jimmy–25 Oktoba 2012

Mr Jimmy I soem long press release blong hem se hemi no save wan samting abaot Wan Smolbag Theatre. Maet ol yia we hemi spendem long China I minim se hemi no updet wetem ol development long konstituensi blong hem mo whu I stap wok blong development blong pipol blong hem taem hemi aot. Wan Smolbag I wandem pointem aot se.

  1. Liberal Demokratik Pati hemi turn ap blong kampein ova ½ hour afta long taem we ol yut mo staff blong Wan Smolbag I ekspektem olgeta blong kam long hem. Fulap yut memba mo staff oli aot o lusum interest finis taem kampein tim I turn ap.
  2. I gat 3 nara politikol pati oli bin kampein long Wan Smolbag Yut Senta long kampein period ia (People’s Progressive Party, Graon mo Jastis Party, mo Vanuatu Republican Party) mo oli bin kam long taem we mifala I givim mo mekem gud kampein blong olgeta bifo oli aot bageken.
  3. Mr Jimmy I putumaot false information taem hemi talem se 5 staff nomo blong WSB I gat kad. Wan Smolbag Theatre I gat ova 130 staff mo fulap oli gat kad be sam nomo I bin stap long toktok blong Mr Jimmy – olsem poen 1 antap I explenem.
  4. Mr  Walker  hemi  no  wan  expatriate  advaesa.  Hemi  wan  citizen  blong Vanuatu. Mo hemi bin folem stret rod blong tekem citizenship ia. Hemi ino bin pem passport long wan politician. Mr Walker I stap askem Mr Jimmy blong apologaes publicly long false information we hemi putumaot abaot hem.
  5. Mr Walker ino Maneja blong Wan Smolbag Theatre, hemi Artistic Direkta. Mr  Jimmy  I  bin  mit  wetem  Chief  Executive  Ofisa  taem  hemi  mekem komplen abaot kampein blong hem long Wan Smolbag. Nem blong CEO blong  Wan Smolbag  Theatre hemi  Mr  Michael Taurakoto, wan nephew blong Mr Jimmy.
  6. Mr Walker ino stap long wan expatriate salary package, hemi wan locally paid staff.
  7. Wan Smolbag Theatre, I bin invaetem Mr Jimmy blong kam givim kampein toktok blong hem  long ol staff mo espesely ol yut long Yut Senta. I klia se Mr Jimmy ino luk save se I gat wan Yut Senta long Wan Smolbag. Ova 20 yut we oli bin stap long kampein blong Mr Jimmy oli no ol staff blong Wan Smolbag mo oli stap mek use long ol activiti we Wan Smolbag I offerem long ol yut we oli no wok mo skul mo fulap politician I neva tingabaot olgeta.
  8. Even sapos we 5 nomo I gat kad, oli gat Mama mo Papa mo ol famili we I stap vot mo ol yut ia tu oli ol vota blong ol fiuja eleksen. Wan Smolbag hemi filim se fasin we Mr Jimmy I kros mo tok strong mo swear nogud long ol yut I no helpem kampein blong hem nating.

Mr Jimmy hemi bin talem long CEO blong Wan Smolbag long fored blong pablik se se sapos Liberal Demokratik Pati I go long gavman bae oli satem daon Wan Smolbag Theatre.

Wan Smolbag hemi stap sevem fulap yut mo pipol raon long Vanuatu we oli nogat akses long infomesen o janis blong kasem ol sevis. Wan blong ol sevis ia hemi wan riprodaktiv helt klinik we I stap luk ova 6,000 pipol long Port Vila long wan yia. Bifo Mr Jimmy I tingting blong satem daon Wan Smolbag Theatre maet hemi gud blong hemi openem festaem klinik long Manples Mango we I stap roten nao ia afta bigfala launching we hemi bin mekem bifo long 2008 Jenerol Eleksen.


2 Comments on “Willie Jimmy opens mouth, shoots self in foot”

  1. shirley says:

    Willie Jimmy is fine except he sometimes get carried away by his ideology and belief that he is somewhow above everyone else and can push his way as he sees fit. He is someone who as Minister will call up civil servants and abuse the hell out of them with foul language he chooses to use. Do not think he will ever make it again into politics, its 5.00pm and the sun is setting over the horizon. Good WSB


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