Vanuatu general election 2012 – number of seats won by each party

This post is now out of date. Looking for the official results of the 2012 Vanuatu general election? Go here.

Unofficial number of seats won so far by each party, as of 2:45pm 1/11/2012. 15 parties total, plus four independents.

Vanua’aku Pati – 8
Union of Moderate Parties – 7
National United Party – 6
People’s Progressive Party – 6
Independent candidates – 4
Graon mo Jastis Pati – 3
Reunification Movement for Change – 3
Vanuatu Green Confederation – 3
Nagriamel – 2
Natatok Indigenous People’s Democratic Party – 2
Iauko Group – 1
Melanesian Progressive Party – 1
People’s Services Party – 1
Vanuatu National Party – 1
Vanuatu Progressive Development Party – 1
Vanuatu Republican Party – 1


11 Comments on “Vanuatu general election 2012 – number of seats won by each party”

  1. Paton Torboe says:

    It will be a PPP, VP, GJP and UMP coalition…LOL


  2. Morris Emboi says:

    Hoping only if VP agree for Mr Serge Vohor for the PM position


  3. John Avock Mahit Tout says:

    Only 50 on the list above. the additional 2 belongs to which party?


  4. The Watcher says:

    Reblogged this on The Watcher and commented:
    Should be an “interesting” coalition mix, particularly if GJP are part of it….I wonder how many “Party faithfuls” will jump ship this time?????


  5. Lengkon Tokon says:

    Moana Carcasses’s party????


  6. Timteo Kalmet says:

    The 2 Natatok’s candidates who won their seats are Alfred Rolland Carlot (Efate Rural) and Jonas James (Paama). Thanks.

    Tim Kalmet


  7. Timteo Kalmet says:

    Natatok Indigenous People’s Democratic Party has 2 seats.