Unofficial election results – seed bed for a new form of corruption?

Looking for the official results of the 2012 Vanuatu general election?  Get them here.

Opinion by Bob Makin

The unofficial results of the 2012 elections may well become the seed bed for a new form of corruption.

Only 24 hours ago we were told by the Electoral Officer for Northern District on Radio Vanuatu that people still had to vote in areas of south Santo and Big Bay, and some with cards that suggest they may well have a vote that is valid in Luganville Town constituency.

Yet the published General Election Unofficial Results in Daily Post today show results for both Santo Rural and Luganville.

The figures on which the results shown in Post are based are only given for some 4 constituencies, none for Santo Rural, none for Luganville. Many ‘results’ must therefore be based on information which was given by a particular party’s observer doing the additions on a particular island. There are, indeed, three Facebook groups, including Yumi Toktok Stret, which give Unofficial Election Results. So whose Unofficial Results are they?

Most importantly, we are told on Radio Vanuatu this morning that the Acting Principal Electoral Officer, Lionel Kaluat, says Official Results will only be known next week…

Already, however, we are informed of discussions taking place with a view to forming a government. There should be no danger in this, if correct information is being used. But possibly it is not. We can get quite wrong information from the national media and from social media. On Radio Vanuatu this morning, we heard that the Caretaker Minister of Health James Ngwango had lost his ministry because of Richard Mera, James Bule and Lennox Vuti winning. In Daily Post, the winners are Richard Mera, James Bule and Peter Vuta.

Now is certainly the time for leaders to be talking to leaders — whom they can trust. The trouble is, those who know they are unlikely to be trusted are already talking to those they know are also unlikely to be trusted. And some of those have had quite a lot of experience in different parties in playing this game before. A hastily formed — or bought — mis-alliance could bring the country a whole lot of misery. Remember how both the prime minister and leader of the opposition in the just finishing period saw every minister a prime minister in his particular ministry, this being the reward of such disunity. We’ve had a good example of that kind of government for too long.

What we want now is a strong sense of unity and trust: a recognition of real leadership.


2 Comments on “Unofficial election results – seed bed for a new form of corruption?”

  1. Bob Makin says:

    Maybe, but still people should read what I’ve said. There are a good many decent people elected who may not be as well informed as to who are the crooks as you and I happen to be. If these ‘salt of the earth’ make a promise, they keep it. It’s just to be hoped all winners will see that not all winners are of great leadership quality.


  2. Bob, I think we can summarize your article in just a few words: take everything you hear at this point in time with a grain of salt, including from this blog.