La Nouvelle-Calédonie ou Kanaky?

Les deux drapeaux — la Nouvelle-Calédonie ou Kanaky?

New Caledonia will hold a referendum after the 2014 elections to decide the political status of the territory — to remain as a part of France, or become a sovereign nation.

But will the vote be held as scheduled before 2018 or will domestic and regional forces seek a negotiated alternative to independence? What role can be played by the Pacific Islands Forum, the Melanesian Spearhead Group and neighbours like Vanuatu? And how will the new strategic partnership between France and Australia, signed in January 2012, impact on regional politics?

USP Emalus is hosting a public lecture by Nic Maclellan, next Thursday 15th November at 5pm in the USP Conference Room.

Nic Maclellan is a journalist and researcher who has written widely on French policy in the region and is co-author of La France dans le Pacifique (Editions La Decouverte, Paris) and After Moruroa France in the South Pacific (Ocean Press).

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