Vanuatu daily news digest | 20 November 2012

Our impressions from yesterday’s Constitutional and political events are these … A Minister last night insisting this (his) government will certainly be with us for the next four years. And then there was the bus driver stopping his bus for ten minutes to talk about how we’ve lost so much leadership capability since Independence. Why? He says pre-Independence caring priests and pastors from their parishes — with the savvy and humanity to bring us Independence in 1980 — became comfortable MPs and salary beneficiaries and residents of town. These musings were underscored by the Daily Post headline today: Kilman’s strategists outsmart Natapei’s. Politics has become more and more like everywhere else. Strategists are the important element in the village, island, house and party; no longer simply people who care. We like it the way it was.

The other Daily Post headline: Kilman elected PM for 2nd term: new ministry of Civil Aviation created, well everyone knows that by now, and the full list of ministers was given yesterday on this blog. A number of Ministers were Ministers in the previous Government. And now we know where the NUP leader and his tawi were heading — back to government again. Radio Vanuatu this morning added a further word from Prime Minister Kilman. Ministers must be diligent in attending to their people as they look after the needs of the government. Well, there was PM Kilman echoing what my bus driver was thinking, and, I venture to add, a whole lot of the electorate, too. Will the new and recycled ministers really show they care for the electorate?

It will be interesting to see what the official observers — from the embassies and high commissions and Transparency International Vanuatu —think of the conduct of the election and what they make of the well advanced plans for the upcoming and next act of free choice — the provincial elections for which it is only a week until candidacy closes. Four provinces go to the polls in January.

There is concrete evidence for a constitutional case, says Barak Sope about the candidates compiling their electoral petition for the Port Vila urban area. Thirty-two candidates are being represented by lawyer John Malcolm, and their main point of contention is the 10,272 Port Vila voters who live outside the Port Vila Municipality boundaries but who are allowed to vote in town.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 20 November 2012”

  1. BILL PRESTON says:

    Now that Air Vanuatu is at last paying its way, we find Vanuatu gov’t making a new Ministry of Civil Aviation!!! Will this mean yet another Vanuatu failure caused by inept and uncaring ministers?? It is so sad for the Vanuatu people to see the direction Vanuatu is headed. It is also unfortunate that the nation is becoming a laughing matter overseas. Big troubles ahead??? U betcha.


  2. Alan Churchill says:

    There’s a strong rumour around that Indonesians have paid a shedload of cash for certain undecided MP’s to side with the alleged winners. Any truth in this?