Pascal Anh Quan Saken’s CV

We didn’t realise that Charles Henry University was teaching creative fiction, but a source has kindly located a copy of Vu Anh Quan Saken’s curriculum vitae, which makes for fascinating reading. No idea what the other flag is. The flag above the Vanuatu flag is the state flag of Peru. Click on the image below to download the full PDF (3Mb). He gives his birthplace as “boulevard,efate,Vanuatu” [sic] and gives his residence as Paradise Cove, Pango, Efate.

Pascal Anh Quan Saken's curriculum vitae.

Pascal Anh Quan Saken curriculum vitae. Click on image to download the full PDF (3Mb)


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    • b.j. Skane says:

      More on the Saken CV is that, despite Ahn Quan Saken claiming that he has taken over the land and buildings known as Orme University at Paradise Cove, Pango and renamed it Charles Henry University, reliable sources in Port Vila say he has done no such thing.
      The property has not been sold or rented to Saken, or to anyone else and Orme University continues to exist with its original owner.



  1. The Dark Side says:

    CV looks like the fake Phocea documents. Look at the series of fake Phocea papers he produced and the CV. Phocea documents have the yacht in the background. His CV has his image in the background. He likes this kind of look.
    There is no ownership of any shipyard in Phuket by either of these people and I doubt if there is a yard in Perth that they own. I am inquiring into the Perth myth and will post back when I have confirmed.
    To boast of $45 million in revenue from his yachts and the mystical Billionaire Yacht Club is absurd! If one of his yachts gets chartered for 2 days in one month he is doing well!


    • b.j. Skane says:

      Ah, but the yachts, if they exist at all, don’t have to be physically chartered. It only has to look like money has been received from chartering for the purpose of obscuring its real origins.
      Can you post the Phocea papers/documents to the blog?


  2. Aja says:

    I’m surprised how he put together this false document thinking people will believe him.


  3. stewart free says:

    It is the Peruvian Flag. He certainly gets around

    Kind Regards

    Stewart Free