Vanuatu daily news digest | 4 February 2013

An investigative report in last weekend’s Independent newspaper alleges renegade mega-yacht claimant Pascal Anh Quan Saken gave USD200,000 to PM Sato Kilman for his 2012 election campaign. Prime Ministerial spokesmen have repeatedly denied this, but the Independent’s “close source from Government” said Saken was “trapped” by Vanuatu politicians, and the Vanuatu Government was implicated at the highest level in Anh Quan’s forged documentation and diplomatic passports.

The weekend’s Vanuatu Times says former Epi MP Ioane Simon is confident of a by-election on Epi because Robert Bohn Jr. has not been adopted by an Epi family, as is required by the Representation of the People Act. Ioane Simon is expecting judgement this week.

Vanuatu Times also has Vanuatu’s Ambassador to the European Union, Roy Mickey Joy, claiming that he was just doing his diplomatic duty for a fellow citizen in requesting passage for Vu Anh Quan Saken to Port Moresby, PNG, as Anh Quan had “legitimate and validated documentation.” There is no reference to Anh Quan’s use of allegedly forged papers in other matters such as the Phocea yacht registration. He makes no mention of the tremendous engineering help Saken claims to have provided for the Brussels-based embassy.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu daily news digest | 4 February 2013”

  1. Bill Preston says:

    As we have relatives in Vanuatu, we often visit (twice yearly). The “ordinary” people we visit are still as genuine and honest and sincere as they have always been. The number of Vanuatu govt scandals over the past year is astronomical. Sadly, the nation is more and more being run and ‘controlled’ by a bunch of inexperienced and in many cases untrustworthy persons who eventually will wreck the lifestyle and future of the very people it was “elected” to help. The situation is sad, so sad and really the only people who can fix the problem are the Vanuatu people. It must be done ASAP!! If not, the end result will indeed lead to further turmoil and probable rebellion.


  2. Pun Gent says:

    Showbiz is coming to Port Vila in the PHOCEAble future with a remake of the well-known musical – SCAMELOT – the setting will be in a well-used CAR LOT