Vanuatu daily news digest | 5 February 2013

Anh Quan Saken company director working for Youth Against Corruption in Vanuatu, claims outraged Government PRO. Government Public Relations Officer Jeff Joel Patunvanu questions why Radio New Zealand International and Radio Australia raise many allegations about the yacht Phocea yet do not speak of Pascal Anh Quan Saken’s business in Australia, he said on Radio Vanuatu and in a emailed media release yesterday. Patunvanu brought this up together with Anh Quan Saken’s bogus curriculum vitae, which highlights the Vietnamese renegade’s claimed “academic achievements and business calibre.” In the CV, Anh Quan claims to have studied at a university named after his brother in Pango, Charles Henry University, which does not exist. Patunvanu says Pascal Anh Quan Saken is a wealthy businessman with businesses in many countries including Vanuatu and Australia. But the issue of the yacht Phocea is a foreign issue, he says, without explaining his logic. Patunvanu reiterates the claim that Anh Quan Saken did not fund Prime Minister Sato Kilman or his People’s Progressive Party (PPP) A the last election. The PRO also claimed an expatriate working in Vanuatu in the NGO Youth Against Corruption is the director of a Saken-owned company in Australia. This was denied by Youth Against Corruption personnel yesterday. The lies, deceptions and falsehoods surrounding the Phocea saga continue, whether from Pascal Anh Quan Saken or the Vanuatu Government spokesman. PM Kilman has said nothing about the vessel, even though he attempted to have it released from its Vila Harbour detention.

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Bio-Security Kalfau Moli says the separation of Livestock and Quarantine into two separate departments will improve their work and is in the best interests of the country. Quarantine will now be called Bio-Security Vanuatu and become a Government entity, the Minister said. Most readers of this blog have always understood it to be a public entity all along. Minister Kalfau Moli spoke of the financial difficulties Government faces while officially announcing the new arrangement. “While the development is good”, he told Radio Vanuatu News, without explaining how it would be good, “all civil servants must bear in mind the financial constraints government faces. They must work to increase government revenue.” He blamed previous governments for their failure to give priority to the needs of agriculture, but assured his audience that this will change with him.

31 students will benefit from Graon mo Jastis Pati Malakula MP Danou Nalet’s Malakula scholarship scheme. As with other Graon mo Jastis Pati MPs, Nalet is funding scholarships from his parliamentary allocation. His contribution amounts to over Vt 1 million. Over 200 students applied. The selection panel for scholarships comprises leading educationalists in Malampa along with members of selected business houses. Graon mo Jastis expects each MP to contribute 25% of their allocation to the party’s education scheme for their constituency.

Shefa Province’s Secretary-General Michel Kalworai says there is an urgent need for a provincial police presence at the Shefa commercial centre of Rovo Bay, Epi. The province wants to work with Government to provide at least one police officer for Rovo Bay, the SG said.

Vanuatu Copra and Cocoa Exporters Limited is ready to export 500 tons of copra this month from Malakula direct to the Philippines. This will be their fourth shipment since beginning operations. Copra growers remain uncommitted, however, because the Government copra subsidy has not been stabilised, says a company spokesman. Production only picked up in January with the subsidy. The company uses the inbound shipping voyage from the Philippines to import cement and believes this is considerably helping the people of Malakula and Santo. Another 1,000 tonnes of cement will be arriving shortly, says the spokesman.


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  1. Farah says:

    Someone is lying…anyone who has gone through the Phocea – Saken – Carlot story will smell lies and lies and more lies…! One of the parties is putting up a poker face show…Vanuatu corruption is rising at a very fast rate…and it is very sad to know that certain people are taking advantage of the loopholes inside the judiciary system for their own gains. The worse bad is they can’t be prosecuted because it is legal…that is the perfect corruption!


  2. Moderator says:

    So neither the Journalists nor the PRO are checking their info? It is truely a strange country…


  3. The Watcher says:

    Reblogged this on The Watcher and commented:
    Excuse me for asking but – “Is it April Fool’s Day” already? Somebody better tell the author of the post (and the PRO – IF it’s true what he said) that it is still February and that 1st April is a long way off yet.


  4. The Watcher says:

    Where and when were these comments made by the PRO?


    • Radio Vanuatu quoted Patunvanu speaking exactly as we’ve posted today, on both Sunday night and yesterday morning’s news. Patunvanu also issued an email to the media containing the same claims.