Daily digest update | 25 April 2013

First of all, thanks to you, our loyal audience for your continuing support of Vanuatu Daily Digest. In less than a year, we have grown to more  than 1,640 subscribers, plus our stories have been shared to a larger audience more than 3 times our subscriber base via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We continue to be the only online source of analysis of Vanuatu news, and one of just a handful of active Vanuatu blogs, and we’re proud of the impact we have made on Vanuatu’s media landscape.

You have probably noticed that we haven’t been posting our daily digests for the past couple of weeks: our principal Daily Digester, Bob Makin, has been recovering in hospital following an accident.

The good news is that Bob is on the mend, so our regular Daily Digests will restart within the next few days.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support.


15 Comments on “Daily digest update | 25 April 2013”

  1. Pilecki says:

    Very speedy and good recovery Bob. All the best for you! Come back quick to us.
    André & Anne


  2. Bill Preston says:

    We ex-pats in Aussie need the Daily Digest for honest updates of what is happening in our beloved Vanuatu !!! Bob – you may need a deputy.


  3. David browning says:

    Bonne recuperation Bob. We are so happy to be able to follow the goings on in Vanuatu in real time and hope you will continue for many years.
    David & Coco
    Seillans, France.


  4. wulin ka diteh says:

    OK thanks for the information..the reason I’ve send the message is because this blog is the only means which I get Vanuatu news. I’m oversea now and sadly haven’t receive any update news for almost 2 weeks. But I hope you guys gonna continue the good works very soon. I wish Bob Makin a quick recovery and all the best in the good works he’s doing.. thank you once again


  5. Nepelmano - Hapsai George says:

    may the good lord will healed him completely in jesus name amen…………. glory to god alone…..

    * …… NEPELMANO*………..


  6. Don Miller says:

    All the very best for your recovery Bob. We certainly appreciate your interpretations of what is going on in Vanuatu.
    Regards from Don and Helen


  7. Ronan Harvey says:

    Please pass my best wishes to Bob for a speedy recovery and keep up the good work we need it

    Regards Ronan Harvey santo


  8. Jim and Ann Thomas. ( Bank of NSW 1973-75) says:

    Hi Bob! Wishing you a speedy recovery, missing your daily news!


  9. Roland Mortimer says:

    Please do a better job of looking after Bob Makin we can ill afford to have him off the air at this time of radical change in Vanuatu politics. I need him to fill in the gaps and explain the significance of certain actions because I am new to Vanuatu (only 2 years) and have not been able to get my head around what is going on.


  10. Nelson Shem says:

    Get well wishes to Bob, The digest has revolutionized the media industry.

    Get well soon BOB.

    Regards Nelson


  11. Rick says:

    Best wishes & God-speed to you (Bob) in your recovery. Looking forward to reading your spot-on analyses soon. Cheers,


  12. romain says:

    Bob I wish you well, recover in due time. Looking forward to reading more news from you uh!!


  13. Anna Naupa says:

    Daily Digest can also be proud of being a trusted news source, which can’t be said of Facebook.


  14. Jac Lowane says:

    Bob, get well soon.. looking forward to your daily digest…vinaka


  15. Josiah Russel says:

    Well wishes Bob. Hope to read from you sooner than later.

    Josiah Russel
    Country Manager

    Oceanic Communications (Vanuatu) Ltd