Vanuatu daily news digest | 15 July 2013

Government leaders were pleased to see the youth and justice symposium which has been taking place in the capital, observed Prime Minister Carcasses to VBTC weekend news. Young people themselves organised the forum. In addition, the government will be holding a law and order forum, said the prime minister, in the month of August and prior to the next sitting of Parliament. MPs will be expected to attend and the institutions like the Malvatumauri, VCC, the town hall, youth and women’s bodies will be represented. A juvenile correctional system and court are proposed by a task force set up by the government which will also plan the August event.

Vanuatu is likely to maintain its economic growth rate during 2013 according to the Asian Development Bank economic outlook. This year sees a growth rate of 3.2% and next year 3.4% in their forecast. Growth is primarily expected in the construction and tourism industries.

In Daily Post today, Internal Affairs Minister Crowby threatens Port Vila Municipality with appointed councillors if the elected representatives cannot improve the council’s financial situation. He has already adopted such a practice of appointing councillors in the Lenakel Municipality. Meanwhile, Post says there is less than a fortnight to go before the decision as to the location of the Shefa provincial council, with various Efatese locations competing with Epi and Tongoa.

The Supreme Court declared itself unable to find evidence, despite parallel registrations in different constituencies, that voters had voted twice in the last national elections. Double registrations were alleged to have occurred through the proxy system. However, it became clear from islands and dates of birth that such cases must be instances of voters having the same names. The case being heard is the Port Vila electoral complaint.

VANWODS microfinance will be holding an open day on Friday, 19 July. The day is to celebrate the achievement of local women in business. There is to be a march through town to the Saralana stage where events will take place. There will be competitions and a fashion parade.