Vanuatu daily news digest | remainder of 17 August 2013 posting

Remaining stories for the Vanuatu daily blog this weekend …

Ni-Vanuatu doctors have been appointed to head the health services in five provincial hospitals and regions marking a milestone in provision of health services. They are Dr Sale Vurobaravo to Luganville, Dr Rosemary Taun to VCH, Dr Walesi Natuman to Lenakel, Dr Olive Tanabose to Norsup and Dr Selwyn Bage to Lolowai.

Radio Vanuatu this morning announced the death of a pioneer ni-Vanuatu doctor, Dr Edward Tambisare, one of the country’s first graduates and a pillar of the early medical establishment. He became a minister of health. He was described by Health Minister Vohor as a good fellow workmate. Vohor paid a tribute to the developmental aspects of Tambisari’s work. Dr Tambisari died Friday morning following an illness.

The Inter-Island Shipping project was launched Friday by PM Carcasses, NZ Foreign Minister McCully and the Asian Development Bank’s Xian-bin Yao at the southern end of Paray Bay. It is intended to improve domestic port facilities and local shipping services. It is modelled on similar projects in Fiji, PNG and the Solomon Islands. The New Zealand Foreign Minister drew attention to the project’s ability to connect communities and to move goods to market and support tourism. PM Carcasses paid a tribute to the New Zealand initiative. Over 5 years the project will see a new inter-island terminal at South Paray Bay and new jetties on Malekula, Ambae, Tanna and Pentecost. Several jetties in remote areas, Daily Post points out, will also be rehabilitated.

Whilst PM Carcasses presumably agrees to the US$10,000 for citizenship announced by his Internal Affairs minister (earlier post to this blog today) he is, never-the-less, supporting investigation into the sales of passports deemed illegal to people "who could be paying to obtain them," says today’s Daily Post. The matter of earlier passport sales is on the 100 Day List. Maybe it will come off the list now that government plans to sell citizenships.

Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister Natapei has told visiting New Zealand Foreign Minister McCully that Vanuatu will not accept any asylum facility for those wishing to enter Australia. "We are working to develop our tourism sector because currently 60% of our population are under 30 years of age and we need to do something about creating employment for this section of the population before it becomes an un-manageable time bomb," he told a luncheon for Minister McCully at Chantilly’s. If a request was received for an asylum facility, "the answer would be no." Rather like the answer to Australia’s offer of a new runway at Bauerfield. Prime Minister Carcasses saw a need to discuss any such [asylum assistance] proposal with chiefs and landowners.

Meanwhile the Shefa provincial government has seen a need to discuss the customary land rights for the Rentabao / Eroiti people where the government plans to locate a new airport for Efate. The secretary general of Shefa, Michel Kalworai, says he hopes there is a system in place to bring the chiefs and land owners into the new project to avoid disagreements, indicating that not even the provincial authority has been consulted in the new airport matter. Naturally enough, Kalworai and the province want Epi, Tongoa and Shepherds Outer Islands airports upgraded, too. And strangely no-one has thought to mention Quoin Hill airport North Efate where there is enough landing room for jumbo jets (believed to be the key factor for government) already.


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  1. Karaeviti Eric Vurobaravu says:

    Correction to the above article it’s doctor Thomas *Sala* Vurobaravu and not Sale Vurobaravu who was promoted to head health services in Luganville.

    On 17 August 2013 10:16, Vanuatu Daily Digest