Vanuatu daily news digest | 10 October 2013

Today’s "shock / horror" news is the sale of Club Vanuatu to the VNPF, said to be without the knowledge of club members. Daily Post has it with a bold headline on page one. The former / new owner is said to be Robert Osborne. It is over three years since the club held an annual general meeting.

Lawyer and native advocate Vincent Boulekone sees a referendum as essential in the matter of changes to citizenship. The Constitution was drawn up by indigenous people, their identity based on their custom and land owning inheritance. In Daily Post Vincent Boulekone sees these qualifications as acknowledging indigenous ni-Vanuatu as the nasara of Vanuatu, and he insists changes to the rights and duties of citizenship be subject to the supreme democratic power of the people through a national referendum of the nasara of Vanuatu.

Levi Tarosa picks up the theme of the new citizenship product of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VNPF) in Letters and reveals CIIP was developed by the agent in Hong Kong, who receives 50% of the money handed over. One wonders who in the Vanuatu Government receives a commission for enabling this, insofar as it is enabled already. Also in Daily Post Letters, CIIP Task Force member George Andrews is urging the public to "grab the opportunity" provided by CIIP and not let it slip away. He says he answers the earlier questions of Morris Kaloran.

Deputy Prime Minister Natapei on Tafea Day spoke a lot about the government’s responsibility to provide employment. He was seen to be defending the government’s policy to create the Rentabau airport. He spoke of 60% unemployment. VBTC News reported extensively on the speeches at the Port Vila celebration of Tafea Day, two days ago.

And on Malampa Day (today), Pastor Sethy Regenvanu gives a detailed and engaging history of the first local government council (Malekula) and makes a case for a strong return to area councils which proved satisfactory until the introduction of the provinces.

Daily Post also carries an item concerning Dinh Van Than being happy to meet MP Christophe Emelee in court in relation to the disputed leadership (between the two of them) of the Vanuatu National Party. VNP has retained a large number of voters in Torba and that province is the next to hold an election – the provincial election for which campaigning is already underway.

All media speak of a suicide by hanging of a young man at Tagabe on Monday night.


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  1. Nasimal says:

    When we talk about dual Vanuatu citizenship we meant only those lost generations of black birding , Australian South Sea Islanders in Australia , Vanuatuan who black birded to Fiji and those who were borned in Vanuatu but sat on the wrong side of history when our Independence took place . This is nothing to do with CIIP case . Those three sets of Vanuatuan or New Hebridean were belong to the Nasarah of Vanuatu and they should be permitted to have dual citizenship on their merits that they were originated from Vanuatu Nasarah on the first place . Thank you and YHVH bless Vanuatu .